Friday, September 14, 2007

What Next ?....Kaikoura !

Okydoky ....... what next you may ask ? ... Well my resined butterfly is going to take a while between coats of resin and paint so in the mean time I really need to get cracking on some more paintings for my Exhibition.... so was talking to someone the other day and they asked me if I had painted Kaikoura at all ? and the answer was No !

Heres a little about Kaikoura for anyone who has been unlucky enough not to have visited this beautiful town !!!

"Kaikoura is a wonderfully unique, picturesque and popular holiday resort. Tucked in the shelter of a peninsula jutting out into the Pacific Ocean, beneath the towering 2600 metre high Kaikoura Mountain Ranges" .

Kaikoura has the most magnificent scenic views of mountain and ocean panoramas.
Talk tomorrow hopefully then I will have some photos of where I am up to on my painting .... cheers Nite Nite !!
D :)

Not sure this is going to Plan??

Hi guys well I had this idea for ages and just needed the time to give it a go.... so started this idea 4 days agoe mmm sorry forgot to take any pickies up untill yesterday ! so will keep up the photo shots from now on...

Ok what I wanted to do was paint a Monarch butterfly .. but I wanted it to look 3d so I thought I could paint a layer of colour then resin it ... b4 applying the next layer of colour and so on ... so when it is finished it should have a cool 3d depth to it.......mmmmm have started to do that and I am pleased with how it looks ....BUT it has not got the 3d depth that I am looking for ... so as I havnt done this b4 it is always trial and error... so what I am going to do is keep going with what I am doing with this one and start another one later and add maybe 4 layers of Resin between Paint coats.... anyway here are some photos of where I am up to with this one .....

Talk soon cheers D:)