Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sorry Guys a little more than 2 hours !!

Ok here is where I am up to ... on the last photo I marked out the areas with string and so I got the proportions right to my Sketech.... and then went and added the 2d Tissue Rope.... The white you see on parts of the tree is just the medium that I use to apply the Tissue... it drys clear..... so mmmm the tree does look like its on a slight angle ... but dont worry thats because it is on a slight hill .... you will see that when I start to paint the background.

Oh just in case you are interested the size of the Canvas is 600mm x 1000mm

Talk soon
cheers Donna :)

Ok have heaps on so starting a new 2d painting...

Hi guys welcome back need to pull my finger out now and paint some serious paintings for my joint exhibition.... just realised I cant put any work in that I have had out on display in galleries etc... mmm bugar as I was counting on using about 3 or 4 so back to the drawing board need 12 paintings for 7th September !!

I do have a few around here that I will use but have decided to do a 2d Tree ... havnt done much 2d work in a few months and missing it so here is the first picture of where I'm at ...

Just starting today to do the 2d outline of the tree !!
I have sketched out how I want this tree to look like ... so I want it in the right proportions , so I have divided the canvas up into sections and have done the same with my sketch so hopefully will get it pretty similar... fingers crossed... Ok I'm off now to start it so check back up with me in a couple of hours to see where I'm up to... cheers talk soon :) D

Arrrrrgh so I am not getting Stressed Yet !! mmmm well just a tad lol :)

Keep watch as I will be taking heaps of photos as I go along to keep you informed of my progress !!

cheers !

Talk soon

Donna :)