Thursday, June 14, 2007


YAYAYAYA I must say I am pretty Chuffed to find out that Mark from
the Green Fingered Photographer has nominated me for a The Thinking Blogger Awards

I just love to Blog it has opened up a Beautiful Fantastic world to me .... living here as most of the world calls it " Down Under" hehe we are so isolated from the rest of the world but being able to not only express ourselves but meet the most Talented Amazing People from all over the world !! Just Blows me away !! so Thanks again Mark for your nomination hopefully my readers if they havn't already do pop in and visit your blog !! as it always brings a smile to my face !!

Now where was I .....oh yea.....


Now for the hard bit !!! part of receiveing this award means choosing 5 other bloggers to pass the award onto. These blogs are meant to make you think ! in some way or another.....

ARGGGGH its very hard to pick from so many awesome blogs.... well ... here goes. These blogs are in no order...

Yea I know I know all of my picks are photography or Artist blogs but at this stage my time is taken up with my work and kids ... blah blah blah so really I dont have much time to surf around .... but I do really love these blogs that I have picked.... and they do make me think in one way or another.... here they are in no particular order....

1)Sophia Elise Sophia is an Awesome Abstract Artist based in Auckland New Zealand and I love ducking into her blog to check out her latest work. Her blog records details of artwork she is creating for Art Exhibitions and NZ ART GUILD Theme Weeks.

2)Paul Hutchinson Paul is An Artist based in Taranaki New Zealand . Paul is a very talented artist and the cool thing about his blog is he paints a new painting EVERYDAY ... so its awesome to go into his blog everyday and see something different. Most of his paintings on his blog are small postcard or postage stamp Sized. A blog well worth a view !!

3)Moira Marshall Moira is an Awesome Artist and I just adore her work ! I must admit I do have a goal to own one of her stunning Artworks one day ! Moira's Blog details works in progress and finished artworks.... well worth a look she has an Awesome Talent !!

4)ANDY ELLIOTT Oh what can I say about Andy.... TALENT ++ Andy is based in Nelson New Zealand. I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many Talented Artists !!! Andys work is mainly based on photographs that he takes and sometimes I almost have to do a double take to see if in fact it is a painting not a photo !!

last but not least !!

5) Beth Ellen Nagle is an awesome photographer found this blog via The greenfingered Photographers blog.... awesome photos and she allowes us in to her world and explains how she edits her photos as well a Bonus !! check out her blog !

Cheers hope you enjoy these bloggers as much as I do !
Donna :)