Friday, May 11, 2007

Whats in a name ??

NAMES ?? mmmmm ... we tend to call Annabel lots of names.... Bell, Annabel, Belly etc... so I have decided to call this Series Annabella Ballerina ! .... I am having heaps of fun with this ... and have decided at this stage to keep my interest in her alone..... so keep your eye out on all the things that she will be up to !!

Up till now I have not put anything for sale on this blog.... but as this Series is so new and a total different direction for me I thought I would put them For Sale on My Blog !

mmmm ( heaps of Art friends do a painting a day I take my hat off to them for that.... I would love to try doing something like that....but with my kids and their sport, homework, and my other painting commitments ...mmmmm I might find that too much..... probably more like one a week .... I dont want to put myself under too much stress )!! mmm will give this a thought...

Will get back later today with all the finished photos and prices ....

Today is D day .... taking them into the Cafe' ...... Oh I always get a tad stressed out when taking something totally new out to the public......

What will the Cafe' owner think ?? What will the Public think ?? when I paint I always put my heart and soul into it ... and wait with baited breath to see if anyone likes it ??

I am a total Pain in the Bum ... for my family at this time.... I am SOOOO GRATEFUL TO THEM FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME !!

Need to go Name and String the paintings now..... will take some photos of them in the Cafe this morning and post them on here for you to see !

Oh Wish me luck fingers crossed someone will like them !!

Talk soon
Cheers D :)