Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Still have a little something to add ??? NOT SURE ??

Hey there !! still have to add a little something .... ??

ummmmm .... Been thinkin about this overnight and have decieded to just leave it as it is !!!
Was going to add a couple of flowers near the bottom of the tree trunk ...mmmm... but on reflection I think it may make it too at this stage I think I will leave it !

click on image to enlarge it !!

Do you like it so far ??
talk soon
Better go and collect my kids from school !!

cheers Donna :-)

getting there ....

Its starting to take shape and form now .... just started to underpaint... hopefully will look better later in the day.... so wish I could throw some gold in here and there heheh !!

oh by the way ! click on image to enlarge it !
So what do you think so far ??

Cheers Donna :)

Finally thought I would take the plunge !

White Pages Phone Book Awards !!

Thought I would have a go at this one !! BUT OH NO !! NO GOLD ALLOWED :(

Never entered into any competitions up until now .... so thought it would be fun to do one !!

I meant to enter this one last year but .... mmm just didnt have the time and what a challange I found it not being able to paint with gold !!

Your work should capture the spirit of your region today. Show us what you love right now about where you live. We’re looking for your unique take on your region.

Your work should be on paper, canvas, board or a combination of these only. Your entry can be a painting, drawing or collage. You can use photography as part of a mixed media or collage work as long as it is your original photograph. Your artwork needs to be suitable for publication on the cover of the White Pages. Entries that are laminated, have a glossy or glazed finish or contain gold or silver can’t be accepted, because we can’t reproduce them. You can use computer graphics that you have created entirely: scanned images, other than ones you produce yourself, are not permitted.

Your work should be square. Your work should be within the range of 110mm x 110mm minimum to 450mm x 450mm maximum. Artworks that are not square will be cropped.

OK ... so now you know the rules etc... lets have some fun .... I will show you what I'm upto with this one !!

Canterbury to me is a Fantastic place to live... you are only minutes about from the Forests,Mountains,Hills and the Rivers !! So for me this year it was really a No Brainer.... so now I'm up to painting ... awwww thats the hard part as I'm not allowed to use gold... boy thats gonna stretch me hehehe keep tuned in cheers D :)


As from the 30th April 2007 You can Vote for ME !!!!!!!!


HEHEHE Just submitted "CROSSING THE LINE" into Saatchi-Gallery's Show down
so if you would like to vote for this piece that would be GREAT !!!
heres the link I also have the link down the right hand side of my blog !

cheers Donna

oh will be back soon with more on paintings havent done anything on them as yet..... but will be painting today as School Holidays are now over YES !! hehe had one child off sick yesterday first day back and all :-( poor thing but hopefully when she wakes up today she will be better !!

ok talk soon cheers D :)