Friday, April 13, 2007


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OK have been dying to show you guys my new project ..... you know the one I was talking about thats been on the backburner for some time now..... I am up to stitching it onto the remember its not yet finished until thats done but heres a sneak preview of where I'm up to with this one .....
The Photo on the left is 16 separate paintings on separate pieces of canvas, cross stitched together.
The photo on the right is the artwork sitting on a canvas that has just been prepped with heaps of Tissue Texture and still wet with medium thats why it looks like it has patches of white on it.
This painting is made up of 16 separate pieces of canvas, tissued and in some cases with 2d tissue rope, skeleton leaves and gold leaf. All the pieces are Cross Stitched together with a Golden Ribbed Cord, and then when the Boxed Canvas is ready ie painted and the artwork attached to it I will then Cross Stitch the Artwork onto the Canvas .
This has been a real mission and taken simply ages.... as each piece has been tissued, and painted , some with 2d etc... then when all the pieces were finished I have cross stitched them together . I must say at times when I was doing this I nearly threw them out !!! I really go through times when I doubt myself.... but I thought oh well I have spent hours upon hours on this so should really finish it ....
The pieces look like old leather they look amazing I just Love this piece now I dont know if I really want to part with it ???
Anyway go and have a close up look and see what you think ?? I'd love your feedback on this one? as I have a couple more in this series the next one is going to be SIMPLY AWESOME.... I might even do it on this blog as I have just cut out the pieces....mmmmmm
Talk soon cheers D :)


Ya finally finished this piece !

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I came across this Irish Blessing which was some of the inspiration behind this painting.
This is written on the back of this painting !!

" Irish Blessing"
"May the wings of the butterfly Kiss the Sun
and find your shoulder to light on.
To bring you Luck, Happiness and Riches
Today,Tomorrow and Beyond"

Cheers D :-)

Butterfly starting to take shape !!

Ok now thats better....

The first attempted of the butterfly was much to small !! so have upsized the butterfly... please remember that this is just early stages .... of the butterfly heaps more detail to go but thought I would post some pickies of the progression.... cheers Donna :)

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Well back to my pressie

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ok heres where I'm at.... I just didnt think the butterfly was big enough so made it bigger and now I'm up to putting in all the butterflys detail....
Its a grotty day here in chch so a really good day to sit and paint so keep watch as it will be finished today..... cheers D :)