Wednesday, April 11, 2007

ok ok I know ....

Hey guys I know I know started off with a hiss and a roar with this one and no I havnt forgotten it but have also been in the middle of a new project that I have been working on for a long time....

The Seed Was Sewn !!

About 3 years agoe I came across a painting that had a whole lot of different mini paintings within it.... I just loved the idea of looking at a painting that said so much in one go !!

About 18 months agoe I was doodling in my sketch book .... by the way thats my Bible if I lost that I would be devestated !!! All my art thoughts ideas, plans etc... go in there .. some to stay there forever others to be set free.... at a later date!

Anyway I started to doodle.... with the idea of combining a whole lot of paintings together, started thinking about Butterflies.... etc.... I wanted the painting to be a one theme painting .... not lots of different images.... I wanted it to be similar........
I decided that what I had planned would take a long time to do , and that I would keep it on the back burner for next year !! As I was planning to have some exhibitions near the end of 2007 and that would be a cool series to do for then , and thought I would wait till I would have the time and energy to spend on it!

At the end of last year I was asked to do a Commission " Don Quoixte" and that got me thinking about my earlier idea and expanding the idea of several paintings within a painting.... if you check out the D0n Quoixte painting you will see what I mean there are a couple of things goin on at the same time !!!

I wanted this painting to represent ME .... A JOURNEY , it is full of Texture, Earthy Tones and lots and lots of Gold !
So over the last few weeks the idea that came so long agoe has managed to emerge and evolve ...... I have a couple more in this series to go and they will hopefully be ready for my Exhibition later in the year Oh unless I cant wait and have to unveil them b4 for sale !

any way when I am finished this painting I will give you a sneak peak but until then mmmmmms the word !!

Cheers Donna :)