Friday, April 06, 2007

ok 2d all done now have to wait....

ok have you worked it out yet ??
All the 2d work is done now so have to wait till its dry and then I can start to add some colour !!
Think Irish ??? Ok your right Yes it is an Irish Claddagh... .... Well known as an "Irish Wedding Ring"
Mum and Dad are Irish and very much like Monarch Butterflies .... so was sitting around the other day and thought wouldn't it be cool to intergrate a Monarch with a Claddagh ..... I just love Butterflies and painted many of them in the last 18months or so.... not so much lately .... but they are so beautiful.... and I never get sick of them....
my Irish heritage is very important to me and just love the various meanings behind the Claddagh wedding ring....
The Heart at the Centre of the design is Symbolic of Love, the Hands around it Symbolize friendship while the crown represents Everlasting Loyalty!!!
Traditionally handed down from mother to daughter the Royal Claddagh ring has also become a symbol of ties with the past and Generations gone by.
As Irish people remember the many many poeople who had to leave Ireland with nothing but their lives during the Great Famine of the 19th Century - many leaving from Cork Harbour to make the long voyage across the Atlantic to America.
The Gold Royal Claddagh ring was to become for many the only enduring link with their home country and practically their only savings and family Inheritance.
Just for interest The Claddagh ring is suggested to be worn in this way...
1) On the right hand, crown in heart out, the wearer is free as the birds in the sky. ( if you want her , go a courtin!) hehe
2) On the right hand, crown out heart in, the lass is spoken for, so lay off ! hehe
3) The best of place is on the left hand, heart in crown out, she is happily married for EVERMORE!
There is also a Spiritual Meaning ....
The crown to The Father, The Left hand to the Son, and the Right Hand to the Holy ghost. This
Explanation is directly correlated to the Shamrock, one of the earliest symbols of the Holy Trinity among the Irish!!
Ok folks thats your History Lesson for the year from me lol.....
Keep in touch to see what this painting looks like when finished....
Oh by the way its not for Mum and Dad !!! so mmmmmm I wonder who its for ???ssssshhhhhh cant say yet !!
cheers Donna :)

Remember this is still early days ....

Can you see what image is on top of the Monarch ??

...Very early days yet as it will be raised with my 2d Tissue Rope .... and will not be white .... this is just a blue print to double check it looks like what I want to b4 I start my 2ding !!

and NO your wrong .... If you think its not a masquerade mask lol..... come on have a really good look ..... I know you can get it !!

Keep tuned

Talk real soon
Cheers D :-)

Oh and by the way have a Really Awesome Break !! and Please Stay Safe on the Roads :-)

Ok I know you guys !!! hehe you think this is just a ....

Ok guys NO this is not just any old ordinary Monarch !!! you just keep an eye on this as it will change b4 your very eyes !!!!

talk soon cheers donna :)