Thursday, March 08, 2007

Off on a Road Trip to Queenstown !!

Off on a road trip to Queenstown !!! YAYA so no painting for a few days awwww :-( will miss my easel and paints.... not to mention my rolling tissue hehe.... but will have some awesome photos to show you guys on my return !!

I have been counting down the days till this trip.... as I want to use this trip for inspiration for 2 exhibitions I have coming up this year ..... I CAN'T WAIT ........... SO keep tuned for some AWESOME PHOTOS !!!!! of a BEAUTIFUL PART OF NEW ZEALAND !!

Talk soon ..... :-) cheers Donna :-)

Good Question Mark ??? what was the mistake in Taylors Mistake ??

Hey mark howzit goin??Love ur new pikies !!!!! good question..... Re what mistake ??? for Taylors Mistake ?? Answer ... Ok heres your history lesson for the day hehe
A guy by the name of Taylor was sailing his ship to Lyttleton Harbour .... The entrance to Lyttleton Harbour is to the Left of Godley Head but he sailed right and grounded his ship... on a lovey little beach which is now known as Taylors Mistake !!
Yes I agree with You Mark and Shelly ... re leaves...
So keep watch........
To check the detail in the paintings just click onto paintings and they will enlarge :-)
*** Now back to this painting still really underpainting at this stage so ..... don't worry about the taylors mistake part as it has heaps to go ... but started with the 2d tree..... going through withdrawls from 2d work and that is still in very early stages also so the shape of where the branches and tree goes is still to take proper shape :-) hehe..... so here goes this is where I am up to....
Cheers For now !! talk soon .... Oh by the way thanks for stopping by and checking up on me :-)
cheers Donna :-)