Wednesday, January 17, 2007

works in progress ???

Boy am I glad I called this blog works in progress .... as I seem to change my mind by the minute!! lol
This year I was goin to try and span out and put some more detail into my work... so I thought to do that I would have to take photos and paint them..... hehe what a dufis I was... to think that lol... so I set out and took some really cool photos ...umm well I thought they were cool anyway.... then I started to paint this last painting.... yea I know the hills were not exactly like the photo... as I said it was just the beginning of the blueprint... when I start out I just roughly paint what will be there and fine tune the details eg.... how the hills will roll and the outlines later... so for people that do touch base with this blog please note that it is a works in progress and that I do post photos of the work from a blank canvas to the end and my work does start out very basic and as I go along more detail is applied :-) .... but as I kept going with this painting it became very clear to me that I HATED PAINTING FROM PHOTOS HEHE!! I found it really boreing !!! I loved the idea of having a starting point ie for eg on the way through Porters Pass to Arthurs Pass ,and seeing this really awesome hill. and thats where it ended.. so I have gone on my own tangent and taken bits and pces from photos and put my spin on it.!!!!
I havnt finished it yet but will take a picki tomorrow of where I am up to.... so you can see what I mean....
Thanks for taking the time out to check on me seeya tomorrow nite nite:-)