Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Going around in Circles.....

Hi there just another couple of Abstracts with texture.... just need to Sign them and Resin them and they are all finished ....

click on image to enlarge it :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

update on charity auction no1

Hi guys just to let you know that " Hidden Leaves" sold yesterday at the charity auction in Auckland Ya! Thankyou to the buyer for supporting the ART AID Charity Art Auction it is such a good cause :)
cheers D :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

just playing ....around with freeing the mind ....

Just playing around with freeing the mind... thought I would do this with painting some Abstracts so this is the first one " What Lies Within " it is for the NZ Art Guild Theme Week which " Pieces" and it has to have some form of collage within it... so this wee abstract has Tissue, Acrylic Paint, Mediums and other forms of texture....
The inspiration behind this piece is the different layers within the core of the earth.
talk soon cheers D :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sick and Tired ....

Hi guys Sick and Tired ... or should I say Tired and Sick....... sorry I have been busy doing nothing hehe ... well not really nothing .... gardening , housework, looking after my beautiful family !!! I have had such a hugely busy year that I am almost burnt right out !! so I am having a couple of weeks to myself... to catch up on things around home and just catch my breath and give my brain a rest !! with this time I am having a play around with different textures and mediums so I will be back soon with some photos of what I have been doing... anyway do me a favour take some time out of your busy life and smell the roses !! ... hehe now thats an order and I'll be back soon to check up on you guys ok ?

Talk soon

cheers D :)

Saving Juliet !! Charity Auction !!

Hi guys these are my 3 paintings in the " Saving Juliet Charity Auction"
for more details of these paintings pop into my website Cheers :)


" Out of the Blue"

"Golden Glow"
I do seem to get asked all the time to donate paintings for charity auctions etc... and I do know that I can't give to all charitys But .... this Saving Juliet Charity Auction really hits home for me Anorexia is a Terrible Curse ... myself having 2 Beautiful Girls whom I hope will never be plauged with this disease .... I am hoping that we can raise not only enough money to help with treatment for Juliet but also to establish treatments here in NZ for our own Beautiful Girls......

I have 3 paintings involved in this Charity Auction to Raise funds for Juliet Williams's Treatment in the United States(Juliet is a talented young lady suffering with with chronic anorexia.( as seen on 60 minutes a couple of months agoe)

Where : Auction - The George Hotel,

When : Wed 14th Nov 18:30-20:30

Prior bids may be made by emailing the lot number & title, amount of bid and your name & contact details to

Viewing begins at 6:30pm at

The George Hotel, Park Tce,
Christchurch on 14th November.
Live auction items, which are marked with an (L), will be sold at 7:30pm other items are to be sold by silent auction which will conclude at 8:30pm.

Tickets may be purchased by sending a self addressed envelope to
Saving Juliet Auction,
P O Box 36 478,
or phoning 03 3563 635,

Tickets are $5 and are strictly limited, a cash bar will operate throughout the evening.

Cheers Donna :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Charity Auctions to check out if you are in the area !!

" Hidden Leaves "
620mm x 460mm

Hi guys there are a couple of Charity Auctions coming up that I have work in ... the first one is

ART AID Charity Art Auction

Date for viewing art: From week of 20 October 2007
Date of auction: Sunday 12:45pm, 28 October 2007
Venue: Cafe Windsor Gallery, Windsor Park Baptist Church, 550 East Coast Rd, Mairangi Bay, AUCKLAND

NZAG Artists Participating: Sophia Elise, Donna Steel, Christine Dempster, Regina Dredge

Monday, October 15, 2007

My first Oil Painting nearly finished..

Ok guys here is my first Oil Painting !!

Still a little more to add to this painting... but hehe as it is oils I do need to wait b4 I can tweek lol so keep an eye out on whats coming up !!

click on image to enlarge it !

My first Oil in the Miniature Series !!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

WHAT NOW ??......

OILS OILS AND MORE OILS !!!!!!! I had heaps of interest in my artworks and texture at my exhibition... from art lovers and Artists alike..... So many great things come out of exhibitions .... meeting all sorts of different people .. and from different backgrounds ..... the only disapointing thing from me was the amount of people that were interested in what I did and then said they wanted to go and do exactly what I do and even worse some said they were art teachers and were going to go and teach my technique to their students..... mmmmmm great I thought thats nice .... hehe man you take the time to play around and perfect something for someone to come along and then just copy you !!! arrrrrrgh I thought .... but then I thought you know what go for it !!! is what I say ... they are not me !! and I am going to take a few months off and give Oils a go.... I have already got a series in mind and have started one already .... so WATCH THIS SPACE !!!!

OH betta go meant to be going out for t ... talk soon cheers D :)

Hi guys well I finally got around to taking some pickies

LOL Sorry .... but does this not remind you of being asked round for a drink to your friends house to check out photos !!! You know the kind the boreing ones of there holiday ... we all do it dont we take heaps of photos and then cant wait to show people when you get back ...... The only catch is that they are board stiff by them and trying to sound interested lol.... so sorry guys wont post any more ok !!

The exhibition went really well and I met heaps and heaps of lovely people.... it was a really great week ... I must admit pretty tired by the end though as I was manning it by myself from Monday to Sunday 10am to 5pm. Sold about 7 from memory so am really stoked !! I have booked another one for next October..... so will start at xmas time working toward that !!!

Talk soon cheers D :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I havnt forgotten you guys just.....

Hi guys I havnt forgotten you just been preoccupied with my Exhibition.... photos to come ... I took heaps of photos on Monday but ... hehe you know me soooo changeable ... I have rearranged it a couple of times since so need to take my camera tomorrow and take some more pickies.... !!! so I PROMISE !! I will post the pictures on here .... Oh you know what I will post some on here now of how it looked and then will post some more on how it looks now !! hows that ! I am having a total ball !!! so many people to meet and talk to !! I sooooooo didnt realise that there was so many Fantastic people out there !!!!!