Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Well 5 days to go till my Solo Exhibition.....

Since this is my first Solo Exhibition its all new to me ... so a couple of weeks agoe ... I sat down and wrote out and sent a Press Release out to some of my local newspapers .... I have had an awesome response back 2 interviews and another newspaper ringing up for more details and one turning up to my Heart of Art Exhibition for some photos ... so all in all I am stoked ...

Its the school holidays at the moment so took the kids to B Macs for lunch while I was waiting for my coffee etc... I picked up a newspaper to read and found this !!!! its one of the interviews I had !

mmm now I know what its like when you read something that you have supposed to have said and dont remember saying it !! I sooo dont remember saying that I could do the art better than what I purchased !! oh well apart from that..... I am well pleased... she was a lovely reporter !!

Just resined 4 paintings today for my exhibition and have a few more to finish so hopefully I will get them done ! ... I have decided to paint while I am having the exhibition... so that will be interesting not good at painting in front of people !!! so used to doing it in my own time and space .... anyway off for a coffee talk soon cheers D :)
Ya made another paper !! pitty about the photo hehehehe !!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

View From Nicholson Park Scarborough

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A couple of months agoe I hopped into my car and went for a wee Photo Shoot ticky tour around some of the hills and beaches of Canterbury.... I found this Delightful Gorgeous wee Park just a few Bends b4 Taylors Mistake .... called Nicholson Park Scarborough !

I parked up and climbed down some steps to found myself in this delightful setting looking over Sumner beach and township and then further on the Southern Alps..... I climbed up onto a Picnic Table and took some pickis....of the Southern Alps through the trees !!! it was such an awesome site that I decided to paint this..... this painting has my usual tissue texture and 2d tree branches added over the Landscape....
so here are the photos of my progression so far....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Check these photos out !!

Hi again just to keep you in the loop .... still working on my layered Butterfly ..... but I really like the effect of the layers... so thought I would show you how it looks so far .... ! :)

Keep tuned for the finished product not too far away ... I don't think ? mmmmm

Cheers D :)

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More Abstracts .....

Hi guys welcome back I really enjoyed doing my first Abstracts and Sold both of them on Opening Night of my joint Exhibition at Heart Of Art !

So I am really Stoked !!

I love doing these Abstracts !!!! it takes me to a whole other place ....and I have a whole lot more inside of me .... just wanting to escape !!!! so while I am in the midst of painting another larger painting and some of my wee miniature paintings I have been doing more Abstracts so here are some photos so far of where I am up to with them.... Just got to sign them and then finish off by Resining them !! yaya got some names already picked out for them ... this time the paintings were designed for their names !! so..... I never say what the names of my paintings are untill they are all ready to go .... so you will just have to wait a couple more days for them to be Resined.... I will give them at least 2 coats of resin so ..... keep tuned for the finishing product !! :)

Click on images to enlarge them :)

Cheers D :)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ok another Miniature done !

Here is no 4 in my Miniature range ! mmm still to come up with the Title of this wee darling ....
Remember Miniature Paintings come with their own Easel....
This Painting is 100mm x 100mm

2nd and 3rd in" Slice of Life " Series

It was my Mum and Dads Birthday last week so.. no 2 and 3 of this series was gifed to them... mum just loved the wee fantail I did so I thought I would paint her a minature fantail and my dad is interested in Genealogy so that is why I did the mini Family Tree !

so anyway lets get to the chase here are the pickies for you to see !!

cheers D :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Finally finished this wee gem....



This new Miniature Range has been inspired by the beautiful Landscapes of Aotearoa New Zealand .

This "Slice of Life" range will be based on specific landscapes throughout New Zealand .

This wee range looks Awesome on a Table or bookshelf or the Perfect Gift to Send Overseas as can easily be bubbled Wrapped and popped into a Courier Bag ! What better way to share New Zealand with the world !


This is the First Painting in this New Miniature Series...

All Mini Paintings come with there own easel and of course all my work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

No.1 in this Series "Kaikoura Sunrise"

This Painting " Kaikoura Sunrise" is based on the Kaikoura Coastline at Sunrise !

Acrylic Mixed Media, Tissue Background, 2d Tissue Rope , Tiny Paua Shells along the bottom of the water . The water is Resined.Watch for more in this New Miniature Series.

"Kaikoura Sunrise"
130mm x 180mm

Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas
Easel Height 120mm Easel Included
For Sale

I have taken the photo with the painting on the easel and have popped in here a Photo of the easel also.....

Click on images to enlarge them .... :)

Keep an eye out for more in my New Minature Range :)
Talk soon
Cheers Donna :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Introducing my Minis Series......Celebrating New Zealand.....

Click on image to enlarge it :)
130mm x 180mm Canvas
with its own mini easel
For Sale :)

Hi guys you are going to have to keep up with me over the next few days as I am ficking from here to there.... still doing my 3d butterfly so will take some pickies later on that one .... just finished the first wee painting in a series of "Mini" paintings these will be for sale and come with there own wee easel . These we paintings will be focusing mainly on NZ Landscapes with maybe the odd butterfly thown in for good measure lol... this painting has Paua Shells along the bottom and Resined.... here the photo of the first one ... when the resin has cured I will take a photo of it on its own easel ...

Talk soon

Cheers Donna :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kaikoura Coastline.....

Painting is a funny thing you know ...... sometimes Everything just goes right !! like it was just meant to be !....

...... Sometimes depending on how busy I have been or how tired I am ideas just seem to dry up ... I suppose its a lot like when writers get writers block !! its horrible you sit and stare at a blank canvas and .... Nothing !! nothing jumps out at you !!

BUT.... the other day when this idea popped into my head of painting the Kaikouras ..... something happened in my head like a switch was turned on and I just couldnt stop ..... I had to keep painting..... so this is what escaped ....... still have to Resin the water but apart from that its all done !

This painting will be on display at my Solo Exhibition 1st October.

Keep watch I'm on a roll ...
Cheers Donna :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Beginnings !

New Beginnings ....... Gotta start somewhere so with this new painting based on the Kaikoura Coastline.... here are my first photos .....

The first photo just shows the Canvas Prepared with Tissue Texuture...... in the second photo the white is just Gesso ( a primmer) , when you have a closer look you will see some tape under the coastline that is where the water will start..... I like to pop on some tape just to give me an idea of how much water I will paint.... anyway off to paint the sky .... watch this space as I want the sky to be really Dramatic !!!! .......

Click on Images to enlarge them !

Talk soon

Cheers D :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

What Next ?....Kaikoura !

Okydoky ....... what next you may ask ? ... Well my resined butterfly is going to take a while between coats of resin and paint so in the mean time I really need to get cracking on some more paintings for my Exhibition.... so was talking to someone the other day and they asked me if I had painted Kaikoura at all ? and the answer was No !

Heres a little about Kaikoura for anyone who has been unlucky enough not to have visited this beautiful town !!!

"Kaikoura is a wonderfully unique, picturesque and popular holiday resort. Tucked in the shelter of a peninsula jutting out into the Pacific Ocean, beneath the towering 2600 metre high Kaikoura Mountain Ranges" .

Kaikoura has the most magnificent scenic views of mountain and ocean panoramas.
Talk tomorrow hopefully then I will have some photos of where I am up to on my painting .... cheers Nite Nite !!
D :)

Not sure this is going to Plan??

Hi guys well I had this idea for ages and just needed the time to give it a go.... so started this idea 4 days agoe mmm sorry forgot to take any pickies up untill yesterday ! so will keep up the photo shots from now on...

Ok what I wanted to do was paint a Monarch butterfly .. but I wanted it to look 3d so I thought I could paint a layer of colour then resin it ... b4 applying the next layer of colour and so on ... so when it is finished it should have a cool 3d depth to it.......mmmmm have started to do that and I am pleased with how it looks ....BUT it has not got the 3d depth that I am looking for ... so as I havnt done this b4 it is always trial and error... so what I am going to do is keep going with what I am doing with this one and start another one later and add maybe 4 layers of Resin between Paint coats.... anyway here are some photos of where I am up to with this one .....

Talk soon cheers D:)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

ya ya all done for Heart of Art Exhibition

Ya all done and dusted ..... for Heart of Art Exhibition !
Opening - Monday 17 September 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates 17-30 September 2007
Featuring New Artworks by
Rachel Jemmett, Arna Marshall,Liz Petrie,of course myself hehe Donna Steel, Carmen Strachan,Barb Warren.
so now all I have to do now is concentrate on my 1st Solo Exhibition
Gallery O, Level One,
Boulevard Shops and Galleries
Worcester Boulevard
The Arts Centre
Monday October 1st to Sunday October 7th
10am -5pm Daily

Cheers D

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Retro Kisses

Hi guys just finished this wee painting as part of my Annabella Ballerina Series....
Annabella was having a break from dancing so took some time out to smell the flowers .....
She is wearing an Embossed Dress and Dark Boots....

No 18 "Retro Kisses"
200mm x 200mm
Acrylic Mixed Media
For Sale $65.00
Click on Image to Enlarge it !!
Talk soon cheers Donna :)

Saturday, September 08, 2007


GO THE ALL BLACKS !!!!!! hehe just for something a bit different from me I am an avid rugby fan ... so much so that I couldnt sleep well last night waiting for the opening of The Rugby World Cup this morning !! Would you believe that I was up at 3am this morning painting ... waiting for 6 am to come around !!!! hehe watched the first match this morning and counting down the time for our game tonight !!!!!! so Go the All Blacks !!!!!!! lol anyway have a good night... cheers D :)

Akaroa Harvest !! done yaya

Ok Ya finished this painting at long last so as you can see have changed this painting around a little with the colour of the sea etc.. and have added the leaves to the grapes and painted the grapes so this painting along with 11 others will be For Sale at the

Heart of Art

Spring Exhibition

515 Madras Street

St Albans


September 17th-30th 2007

Sorry I forgot to take a photo of this B4 I took it into the Gallery so have had to take the photo of their Website so not too sure if you can enlarge it .

Talk soon Cheers D :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

French...... Vines..... Grapes .... Wine....What ??

Ok Ok so where do the words French ... .... Vines ... Grapes .... and Wine fit in ... well remember what I told you earlier about Akoroa.... ( Akoroa is a Historic French and British Settlement nestled in the heart of an ancient volcano)

When visiting Akoroa you really want to visit " The French Farm Winery" ...what a beautiful setting this winery has. It's up a valley from French Farm Bay on the western side of Akaroa Harbour on Canterbury's Banks Peninsula ....... so thats where the words French ... vines.... grapes and Wine comes into play....

anyway heres where I am up to .... still got to do the grape vine leaves and havnt painted the vines or grapes yet ....

Click on Image to Enlarge it :)

Talk soon

Cheers D :)

Monday, September 03, 2007

where I am up with Remarkables....

Click on Image to Enlarge it !

Still have to Resin the water yet so keep tuned !!

Just had to do it !!!!

I just had to do it !! hehe I really hated the way I had painted the hills on this painting... it really made me feel like it looked so old fashioned ..... I dont know ?? maybe it was the colour... who knows but I tweaked it up with more of my normal shadeing and popped on a Light gold wash stripe and I am adding a little 2d soon so keep your eye on this ....... anyway its amazing how by changing some colours what a change it makes to a painting .......



Talk soon

cheers D ;)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

What do you think so far ??

Click on Image to Enlarge it !

Ok Hills and sky done ...... So at this stage I am not going to touch them again ? mmm

I tend to "overkill" sometimes when trying something new.... meaning I keep painting and just can't stop hehe ... I get it just how I like it then tweak here a little and there a little ... and b4 you know it .... it has changed into something so different than I wanted it lol

I have already done it with this painting to the hills and the sky lol so am stopping now and will start on the lake.... which I will be resining.... so keep tuned for some more progress photos soon !!

And by the way thanks for stopping by and checking up on me !! :)

Talk soon

Cheers Donna :)