Friday, August 31, 2007

Progress ... Progress.... Progress....

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Plodding along ...... thought I would fill you in on some photos of where I am up to .....
keep your eye out for more Progress shots today...
Talk soon Cheers D :)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Simply Remarkable !

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Ok guys still plodding along for my Exhibitions and time is ticking by far to quickly I have to have my final paintings to the Gallery by 9th September ARGGGGGGGH !!

So still painting for them hehe.... this one has been in my mind since our road trip to Queenstown....

Sitting in the house we stayed in at Frankton a small town about 5 mins drive out of Queenstown... looking out the window to these FABULOUS MOUNTAINS !!

These Mountains are called the Remarkables ! and what a Perfect name for them !!

So here goes..... the time is right I feel they are itching to come out ...... so heres your first sneak peak of where I am up to !!

Keep tuned for more pickies as I progress.... cheers


"Birds Eye View" Done !!

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Ok thats better !! now you can see the tail !
The Fantail is the most beautiful bird !! so it was only fitting that I displayed its tail hehe
cheers talk soon D :)

"A Birds eye View"

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Ok mmm still not that happy with the tail so will work on that a bit.... but apart from that I am well pleased with this wee Fella !!

Title : "A Birds Eye View"
Media : Acrylic Mixed Media
Size : 200mm x 200mm
For Sale

Talk soon
Cheers D :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fantail ....

Hi guys welcome back :) .... well here is where I am up to with my New Zealand Native Bird Series a Wee Fantail.... till got to do the tail and wing etc... and background ... but getting there ....

Keep watch to see the finished product !
cheers Donna :)

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Monday, August 27, 2007

" Akoroa"...

Ok all done.... I think hehe mmmm feels so different for me but.... it was good to paint outside my comfort zone !!

Title : Akoroa
Acrylic Mixed Media
Size : 600mm x 300mm
For Sale
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Will be back tomorrow with pictures of my new Bird paintings :)

Talk soon
Cheers D

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Something different !!

Ages and Ages agoe I painted this picture of a humming bird and I really enjoyed painting it so I have decided to do a wee series for my Exhibition on NZ Birds....

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I love the wee Wax-Eyes and Fantail Birds so I thought I start with painting them first..... Something a we bit different and interesting !! a bit of a change from Landscapes .....

So keep your eye out on my first photos tomorrow when I decide what one I will paint first... mmm a Wax - eye or a Fantail mmmmm ..... ?? mmmmm just can't decide... hehe

Talk soon nite nite sleep tight !!! :)

Cheers D :)

"Well what do ya think " ?

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Well what do ya think ? To old Fashioned ?? It doesnt feel like me hehe !! The jurys out on this one just dont know if I like it or not ???
Cheers Donna :)

Just a touch of Blue....

Ok .... this is a bit different for me the style etc... I have tried some new ways of shading the hills...etc...

mmmm not sure... what I think yet ..... ? I would really like some feedback on this .... do you like this style of shading or rather have my other style ?? cheers D :)

There is still aways to go.... but thought I would take a pickie and show you where I am up to ... yes I know I did say green hehe and yes believe it or not there is green in there.... you just have to look hard ...hehe :)

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Talk soon Cheers D :)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Can I paint in Green ?? mmmm

When I was in Auckland the other week for The NZ Art Guild Exhibition ... I was asked from someone do I ever paint Green Hills ??

mmmmm I had to think about that one and said No I havnt .... so I thought I would give it a go !!! .... Hehe most of my inspiration for painting comes from around the south Island and I just love the vast brown hills around during summer but I thought what a great challenge so here goes.....hehe

I thought I would show you some photos that inspired my next painting ...

"Akoroa " Banks Penisular New Zealand ... Just 85 kilometres from the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, Akaroa is an historic French and British settlement nestled in the heart of an ancient volcano

Different photos of Akoroa !!

Anyway I thought I would paint my take on Akoroa... in my Style of Painting ....with a little change on how I shade the here goes ... keep an eye out on this... as I seem to be on a real roll ..... I have only started the basics so far but am happy with the top hills and shading so will leave that for now .... I havnt done the sky yet... and loosley added the water ... now to hit the bottom hills..... be back soon ... :)
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Cheers Donna :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Been a busy we beaver....

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Thought I would show you this we commission I have done amoungst these other paintings.... see what I mean I really have been busy .... hehee

Playing Around ... and Around and Around ... hehe

Just having a Play Around and Around ....mmmm really trying to open my mind and just paint without having definate lines and ideas to paint ? ......

Finished I think ???

Ok here goes ....... as she stands there with her eyes closed .... hehehe

It is such a shame you cant see this in the flesh as the sky appears to change colour as you move around this painting .....

So what do ya think ??

Ok here are a few different angles so hopefully you can see what I mean about how the sky changes colour ..... :)

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Cheers D :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Heres the Trees so far ....

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Hi Guys sorry I am been so flat out ..... forgot to take pickies of where I am up to ... so here are a couple of pickies where I am up to with this painting so far.... the 4 trees from the right are still darker than all the rest have to lighten them .... still aways to go.... but this is where I am up to ...

Will be back soon I promise !! with more photos......

Cheers Donna :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Can you see the wood for the trees ??

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Hi again Guys ! well just finished most of the 2d Trees .... yaya so now up to painting....
keep watch ..... I'll be back ...

cheers Donna

Monday, August 13, 2007

14 trees done 10 to go !!

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Ya done 14 trees so far and only 10 to go !!!....
cheers Donna :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

ok ok now back to my exhibition painting ....

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here is where I am up to .... plodding plodding along hehe :)
Talk soon cheers D :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Swept Away !! NZAG THEME WEEK !

Hi guys welcome back well ....

This fortnights Theme is Mythology so I decided to go with Maori Mythology... Its funny I am a born and bread New Zealander and yet know so little about Maori Myths and Legends so had to do some investigating and found some really interesting information so .... here is a little of what I found and in light of this ..... this is origin of my Theme Week Piece " Swept Away ".

Maui was the youngest of the five sons of his mother Taranga. His mother believed Maui was still-born and in her grief wrapped him in a bundle of hair (tikitiki) and cast him upon the ocean. He floated in the hair knot to a beach where he was found by his tupuna Tamanui-ki-te-rangi who raised him as his own.
So this wee painting is based on my interpretation of the story of how Maui was born...
Maui is wrapped up in his mother Taranga's hair and swept away through the waves. ( its so hard to take photos that show the colours well ... but the colours change as you move around this painting ) NZAG THEME WEEK THEME IS MYTHOLOGY !!.
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My NZAG Theme Week Painting for this Fortnight is "Swept Away" .
Swept Away
200mm x 200mm
Acrylic Mixed Media
For Sale
Talk soon
cheers D :-)

ok finally Resined these !!

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Ok .... finally have resined all 3 paintings .
Still need to come up with there names .......

Cheers D

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Think you know all about me ??? MMMM....

Hi again ... a few months agoe I was approached from Intrinsic Expressions ( based in Canada ).... to see if I would be interested to do an interview with them ... to be featured on there site ..... so I thought why not !!

So if you are interested in checking it out pop into and have a read.... you never know what you might learn about me !! hehehe :)

check out where I am at with my abstracts !!

Ok so here is where I am at ! its a bit hard to see all the colour variations with regard to the photographs but I have tried to go with light and darks and finished off with a dusting of gold leaf now I am about to Resin all 3 paintings .

Each painting is 250mm x 250mm

So will go away now and Resin them and show them to you when all finished..... mmmm I have really enjoyed playing around with Abstract .... and I know hehe still a ways to go hehehe

Talk soon
cheers Donna :)
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Monday, August 06, 2007

Back from Aucks .....

Hi guys well I am back from Aucks with a real Zeal and Zest for trying something New !!!

Don't worry I am still finishing my 2d painting that I started last week but also working on some new pieces at the same time .....

I stayed with my good Friend Sophia Elise !! she is an Awsome Artists with an AWESOME TALENT FOR ABSTRACT ART !!

Poor Sophia !! trying to teach me the art of Abstract Art !!!! hehehe so anyway have come home with some really great techniques she has taught me ....

I started these 3 while in Auckland and brought them home with me to finish.... so will take some pickies of them and post them on here for you all to have a sticky and tell me to keep to my day job !! hehe

talk soon cheers D

Oh by the way wasnt PATCHWORKS AWESOME !!!!! I only wish I had enough dosh to buy it !!!! :(

PATCH WORKS !!!!!!!!!!!

"Patchworks'' - 2007
1500 x 1500mm
This a collaborative work from 66 members of the NZAG comprising of 100 joined canvases,hanging from a decorative metal rod.

''Patchworks'' will be for sale on Trademe from Sat 18th August for 1 week.

It can be viewed at the Bruce Mason Centre exhibition throughout the month of August until the 28th.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Make Sure to Check this Out if your in Auckland !!

Hi guys thought I would remind you of our NZ ART GUILD ANNUAL EXHIBITION !!

The NZ Art Guild Annual Exhibition

" Off the Brush "
2nd August to 29th August 2007
Bruce Mason Centre Auckland