Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ok ok everywhere I drive I see these trees...

Hi again I have had this idea in my sketch book for well over a year and it seems that these trees keep popping out at me when ever I go out lately so I thought Blow it I am goin to paint them ... mmmm well more like 2D them hehe .... so this canvas is 1000mm x 200mm .

So here are the first two photos of this canvas .....

Remember if you want to see them close up click on Image :)

Talk soon
Cheers Donna

Done !

Done ! :) not yet named ?? have some ideas but will let yas know when I have decided .
cheers D :)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Base coat of tree done !!

Ok finally finished the basecoat of the tree and the basecoat of the sky so keep watching for a few wee tweeks here and there and some more hill shadeing and more detail ... but well on the way!!

If you would like to get a closer look just click on image...

Talk soon Cheers Donna :)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Back again little by little....

Hi guys sorry this is a bit slower than expected ..... I have been doing some casual work around Preschools this week so..... hence being a slow pock with this.... but little by little I am getting it done ... see done a few more branches today.... mmmm must admit I am wondering about adding a slight extension branch to eht right hand side where both branches dip to each side ...mmm will think about that but every time I look at it ! It annoys me !

anyway check out where I am up to at this stage !!

cheers talk soon

D :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Still Plodding along

Hi Guys havnt forgotten ya's hehe still plodding along with painting the Tree... when I have done that will add more detail in the painting ...
Talk soon with more progression shots ... cheers D :)
oh P.S. thanks for dropping by :)

Monday, July 23, 2007

A Splash of Colour here and there !!

Click on Image to enlarge it !

Its funny what a splash of colour here and there does to a painting !

Still layering the sky but this will be the Basis of the sky colour !

The Tree wil be dark as this painting is based on a Tree At Dusk !

Keep tuned for more updates on this painting !!

Talk Soon

Cheers Donna :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sorry Guys a little more than 2 hours !!

Ok here is where I am up to ... on the last photo I marked out the areas with string and so I got the proportions right to my Sketech.... and then went and added the 2d Tissue Rope.... The white you see on parts of the tree is just the medium that I use to apply the Tissue... it drys clear..... so mmmm the tree does look like its on a slight angle ... but dont worry thats because it is on a slight hill .... you will see that when I start to paint the background.

Oh just in case you are interested the size of the Canvas is 600mm x 1000mm

Talk soon
cheers Donna :)

Ok have heaps on so starting a new 2d painting...

Hi guys welcome back need to pull my finger out now and paint some serious paintings for my joint exhibition.... just realised I cant put any work in that I have had out on display in galleries etc... mmm bugar as I was counting on using about 3 or 4 so back to the drawing board need 12 paintings for 7th September !!

I do have a few around here that I will use but have decided to do a 2d Tree ... havnt done much 2d work in a few months and missing it so here is the first picture of where I'm at ...

Just starting today to do the 2d outline of the tree !!
I have sketched out how I want this tree to look like ... so I want it in the right proportions , so I have divided the canvas up into sections and have done the same with my sketch so hopefully will get it pretty similar... fingers crossed... Ok I'm off now to start it so check back up with me in a couple of hours to see where I'm up to... cheers talk soon :) D

Arrrrrgh so I am not getting Stressed Yet !! mmmm well just a tad lol :)

Keep watch as I will be taking heaps of photos as I go along to keep you informed of my progress !!

cheers !

Talk soon

Donna :)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ya its finished ...

Ya Finally happy with this painting and YA its all Done !! Woo hoo !!

Just got to name it .... mmmmmm so still thinkin about that.... will let you know ..... :-)

Cheers D

Remember you can enlarge images if you click on them :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ok guys well I decided to add some colour....want to see ??

Just not sure if finished yet ?? not sure if I want to paint another 2 little monarchs mmmm will think about that for a day or so !

Havnt name this one yet either .....

Talk soon cheers D :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!! mmm ??

Ok guys I was on a roll at with these wee butterflies ..... but got to this stage and mmm now not to sure if I want to carry on with this Monarch ... I mean by adding in the colour ??
The rough plan was to have a painted monarch over these squares .... but as I played around and left out the colour mmm I think I like it the way it is.... it just gives another dimension to it ....

Argggh not to sure so I will do what I always do when this happens .... put it aside and think about it !!

I would love your opions on it do you like it see through or would you like to see some colour to it and it become the Full Monarch it is meant to be ??

Help Please !! ???????

cheers D :)
Click to enlarge Image !

Ya finished now to the next !!

Ya Finally Finished this wee one .... thanks for stayin with me hehe... :)

Common Rose Swallowtail Butterfly
Acrylic Mixed Media
200mm x 200mm
For Sale

Will take another photograph of this in daylight as it looks a bit lighter than this photo in real life !

Ok now onwards and upwards .......

talk soon

cheers D :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

ok thats a bit better !!

ok thats a bit better !! now I have the correct amount of bumps ... mmm not sure what I was thinking b4... anyway keep tuned to see more dtls
cheers D :)

Buggar comes to mind !!!

I started to paint in the detail of the bottom wings when I realized I have put too many bumps in the design of the butterfly !!!!! so I am such a perfectionst cant have that !!!! Buggar Buggar Buggar !!! so at the mo trying to sort out the correct shape so will post a pickie here soon to show you what I mean ..... keep posted !! :(

back again .....

ok I am going to leave the top wings at the moment and now I am going to concentrate on the bottom wings .... back soon keep tuned ... :) cheers D

Background of butterfly done.... now up to .....

Hi guys welcome back !! :) good to see ya's :) ...

ok when I paint butterflys I always start with Painting the whole butterfly first .

So I have done this... and now up to the tricky part all the detail so keep watch as this can take a while ..........

by the way this butterfly is the "Common Rose Swallowtail" Butterfly !

I'm off now to carry on with this... keep watch more photos in an hour .... cheers Donna :)

Monday, July 16, 2007


Hi everyone Well did we all survive School Holidays ????


So I am celebrating end of Holidays with Butterflies !! After painting the Clubtail butterfly I forgot how much pleasure I get from painting butterflies so I am going to paint some butterflies this wk and will try to give you some b4 , during and after photos .... I keep forgetting to take photots during the painting process so ... here is the first couple of shots of this new painting .... keep watching ...... see ya soon .....

Cheers Donna :)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Eygpt NZ Art Guild Theme Week !!

This is the second painting I have done for The "Egypt Theme week"

" Sand Storm"
100mm x 300mm
For Sale

"Spiritual Journeys"
100mm x 300mm

This painting is based on a Tiny wee artwork we have on paper at home....

The symboles along the left and right hand side is my name. Donna on the left and Steel along the right.

I havent named this work yet... and I will be starting another painting for this theme tomorrow . talk soon cheers Donna :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Thought I would start here by publishing some advertising of my Solo Exhibition in October this year !!

“Taken for Granted” - latest artworks by Donna Steel. This solo exhibition at Gallery O at the Arts Centre in Christchurch celebrates the beautiful landscape ,flora and fauna of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Donna gains inspiration for artworks from every day moments in life. A weekend away , a memory, nature in all it's beauty - mountains, rivers, flowers, trees or butterflies - these all flow through her work.“You and I share a unique gift - the gift of the beautiful land we live in. I hope you will find in my latest works, something that inspires you to take some time out and enjoy the land we share together… and for it not to be taken for granted”.The "Taken for Granted" exhibition will be on display at Gallery O Upstairs at the Arts Centre in Christchurch from Monday October 1st to Sunday October 7th 10am -5 pm Daily .

Take some time out from your busy life to enjoy this exciting new exhibition by artist Donna Steel.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

School holidays !!

Hi guys with it being School Hoildays I am taking a break to spend some more Quality Time with my Kids so will update u on what I will be up to next week ... Till then nite nite :-)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

NZ Art Guild Theme week " Sepia"

Ok guys can u believe that its that time again and the theme is yip you guessed it " Sepia".

So I would like to introduce you to my entry for this Fortnights Theme week Competition.

( This butterfly is called A Common Clubtail. (Wingspan 9-13cm). Mostly found in tropical rainforests, but also on plains, throughout northern India and Burma to Malaysia, Sumatra, and Java, but absent in Borneo.)

Title "Sepia Kisses"
Acrylic with Gold Leaf Painted
200mmx 200mm
For Sale

Cheers Donna :)

A bit more colour added ....

A Bit more colour Added !!

Well heres where I am up to with this painting.... added the sky colours in and darkened the water... oh and changed the shape of the closer hills rounded them out a little rather than giving them the peaks they had b4. mmmm not sure if its finished yet.... may tweak the water a little more and have been tossing up about having a see through gold strip down the side & along the top ..... mmm not too sure so will just leave it for a while......

I must say I really enjoyed painting this so much that my theme wk painting for the guild I did was also textureless....

Cheers Donna :)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Still in the early stages but LOVIN this NO TEXTURE !!!!!!

mmmmm I think you will see more of the no texture paintings from now on !!

Well what DO YOU THINK ??


TALK SOON gotta go and do some more painting !!!!! :)
cheers Donna :)

Help !!!

Help !! I went into one of the galleries yesterday to collect a couple of Artworks that I wanted to send up North..... and I said to them I wont worry about giving them any new work till the September Exhibition ...... WRONG !!!! they wanted some more !!! so that meant giving them a couple of pieces I have done for the September Exhibition !! Arrrrrrrr !!!

I need to paint arount 10 to 12 pieces for this exhibition !! and need them ready for around end of August 1st wk in September !! Not to mention my own Solo Exhibition 1st wk in October ......

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm can you see the panic in my typing .....

Oh well just need to keep on plodding .......... :)

cheers Donna

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Trying something New !

Hi guys well I have been trying different techniques without texture , and including waterfalls and stones etc....
so I thought I would do a larger painting without Texture !! omg I know !! am I feeling alright you may ask ??? hehe Yes I'm not to bad at the mo .... if you take into account my low iron stores.... but you dont want to know about all that .....

I really want to be always evolving and changing and getting better at what I do.... so I have started a landscape ... it will have hills, water stones.... but none of it will have texture !! no tissue background or tissue stones everything will be painted .... mmmm wells thats the plan hehe we'll see how it pans out will take some pickies soon and post them here for you to take a look and see what ya think ?? ok ??

Alright back to my canvas see ya soon :)

cheers Donna :)