Saturday, June 30, 2007

I have been playing around with different techniques...

Hi again welcome back ... :)

I have been playing around with some different techniques ... well different for me.... so this littlee has NO TEXTURE in it at all !!!!
Earlier in the year we took a trip to Arthers Pass and when I was there took some awesome photos of waterfalls so I have been meaning to do some paintings of waterfalls etc... So this new Little !! painting is loosly based on some of those photos I took .... so here goes..... just the beginnings of this painting Very Very early Stages !!....
Talk soon
cheers Donna :)

Shades of Life


9100mm x 300mm

This is the painting I have done for the Art Aid Trust Charity Auction !!

Ya finally finished it !! :)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

ok just got an email and need to get my skates on !!

Just got an email from ArtAids Trust for a photograph for their Catalogue !! mmmmm need to paint the painting first though !!!!

OMG !!!! better get a move on ..... watch this space photos soon .......


cheers Donna

Monday, June 25, 2007

This Fortnights Theme Week Entry ??

" A Place in Time "
300mm x 300mm

Every Fortnight the NZ ART GUILD have a Theme Week where we are given a theme and we have to paint something with our own interpretation of that theme....

This Fortnight it is " Timeless" .....
I was going to do it on cogs of a clock and did do some sketeches but in the end did this piece !!

A couple of weeks agoe I went out around the hills and beaches of Chch and took some photos to paint from ...and as I was sitting on a hill surrounded by different Grasses I looked out to the Sea, Mountains on one side of me , Hills on another side and directly beneath me was a beach ! As I sat there and drank in the beautiful view time seemed to stay still......
You know things can change in the blink of an eye, a second a minute, an hour can go by and all things can change....... but when ever I go to that same spot ..... on that same hill side everything seems Timeless .........

Talk soon :) cheers Donna

OOOOO that was deep for me hehehe !!!

Finally Finished Resined and Named Ready For Sale !

" Out of the Shadows "
1200mm x 600mm

Finally finished this painting long time comming but I am really happy with it !!

Texture is Tissue and Fiberglass Matting + Resin and Tissue Rope !!

yayayayayay another one done for my exhibition wooohooo :)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Art Aid Trust Charity Auction !!

Along with some other New Zealand Artists I have been Approached by the Art Aid Trust to donate a painting for their Charity Auction . A charitable trust raising funds for AIDS awareness and supporting those affected by AIDS.

The Beneficiaries of Art Aid are!!
Body Positive and the Aid Foundation

So with that in mind I have decided to paint a Painting especaially for this event......

So watch this space ....

mmmm lets see what have I decided to paint .....?? well I want to do a landscape..... I want to do it on a longer slim canvas .... and I want to use texture such as Fibre Glass Matting hehe as this seems to be my choice of texture lately !!! so I went out today and purchased the canvas... will texture it in the morning and take some pickies for you to see....

Auction dates ...are ....

Exhibition 11th -23rd August 2007 at the Depot Art Space Devonport
Opening Day to check out artworks 11th August Drinks and finger food at the Devonport Community Centre.
Auction from 4pm Saturday 18th August at the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna .

Until tomorrow nite nite :) cheers Donna

Monday, June 18, 2007




I have decieded not to go with the stones ... but still havnt finished with this one !! need to do more shading for the sky and gold leaf on the logs in the water then will finish with some Resin !

Keep Tuned !!

Cheers Donna :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Take yourself back to my June the 1st.....

Remember now ??? I left you with this image on the 1st June.... but after I had painted that amount I just had a block !! so when I get a creative block I just put the painting aside and come back to it when I feel the time is right !


So this is where I am up to now have started to paint in some mountains and water , floating in the water are 2d Tissue Logs still need to be painted or gold leafed not sure which one yet... and The jurys out on stones ?? mmmm Can't decide if I will add stones and if I do will they be painted or 2d Tissue Stones. ??
And I will probably resin the water...
so still away to go yet... Keep Tuned...
cheers D :)


Yup Timeless this weeks NZ ART GUILD Theme Week .... and boy do I have an idea for this one....

I have just started participating int the Theme Weeks this one will be my third entry....

I think I will paint all my Theme Week paintings the same size and pop them into my Exhibition at the end of the year just for some fun !

I thought it would be good to entre them to stretch my mind and be more creative..... so when I thought Timeless... I kept coming back with the thought Clocks....

mmmm but I didnt want to paint a normal boring old Clock !!!

Lets brake the word down to Time / Less

So then I thought ok how are clocks made you know whats inside them .... and found the most awesome shapes with the cogs etc.... mmm I think thats the right term hehe remember I am not a mechanic !!

So I am going to concentrate on the (Time ) part of Timeless first with painting cogs all intermingling and then we will talk about the (Less) part ok ?

so here are the photos that I am using for inspiration and the last one has a very loose sketch from me on what I will be painting !!

talk soon cheers Donna :)

first things first its Friday again ....

Boy it just keeps on rolling by every week ! hehe and we all know Friday means dont we??

No your wrong not Pub night ! mmmm well Yes maybe Pub night for some ... but for me it means

Web of the Week for you guys to check out .... so this weeks Friday Special is.......

Beth Ellen Nagle a Great Photographer..... go and check out her very cool site.

Cheers D :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007


YAYAYAYA I must say I am pretty Chuffed to find out that Mark from
the Green Fingered Photographer has nominated me for a The Thinking Blogger Awards

I just love to Blog it has opened up a Beautiful Fantastic world to me .... living here as most of the world calls it " Down Under" hehe we are so isolated from the rest of the world but being able to not only express ourselves but meet the most Talented Amazing People from all over the world !! Just Blows me away !! so Thanks again Mark for your nomination hopefully my readers if they havn't already do pop in and visit your blog !! as it always brings a smile to my face !!

Now where was I .....oh yea.....


Now for the hard bit !!! part of receiveing this award means choosing 5 other bloggers to pass the award onto. These blogs are meant to make you think ! in some way or another.....

ARGGGGH its very hard to pick from so many awesome blogs.... well ... here goes. These blogs are in no order...

Yea I know I know all of my picks are photography or Artist blogs but at this stage my time is taken up with my work and kids ... blah blah blah so really I dont have much time to surf around .... but I do really love these blogs that I have picked.... and they do make me think in one way or another.... here they are in no particular order....

1)Sophia Elise Sophia is an Awesome Abstract Artist based in Auckland New Zealand and I love ducking into her blog to check out her latest work. Her blog records details of artwork she is creating for Art Exhibitions and NZ ART GUILD Theme Weeks.

2)Paul Hutchinson Paul is An Artist based in Taranaki New Zealand . Paul is a very talented artist and the cool thing about his blog is he paints a new painting EVERYDAY ... so its awesome to go into his blog everyday and see something different. Most of his paintings on his blog are small postcard or postage stamp Sized. A blog well worth a view !!

3)Moira Marshall Moira is an Awesome Artist and I just adore her work ! I must admit I do have a goal to own one of her stunning Artworks one day ! Moira's Blog details works in progress and finished artworks.... well worth a look she has an Awesome Talent !!

4)ANDY ELLIOTT Oh what can I say about Andy.... TALENT ++ Andy is based in Nelson New Zealand. I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many Talented Artists !!! Andys work is mainly based on photographs that he takes and sometimes I almost have to do a double take to see if in fact it is a painting not a photo !!

last but not least !!

5) Beth Ellen Nagle is an awesome photographer found this blog via The greenfingered Photographers blog.... awesome photos and she allowes us in to her world and explains how she edits her photos as well a Bonus !! check out her blog !

Cheers hope you enjoy these bloggers as much as I do !
Donna :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

ya just found out my " Blown Away"....

Woohoo just found out that my "Blown Away" Painting got voted Peoples Choice within the NZ Art Guild....for the theme week.... so that painting will be on our Public Site for 2 Weeks Ya Ya !!
cheers D :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Timeless !!...

ok you guessed it Timeless is the next Theme Wk !

mmmmmmmmmmmm thats got me thinkin ...... watch this space....

Suggestions Welcome on what comes to mind for you when you think of "Timeless" ?? :)

( will try and post here in the next couple of days but have sold a few of my Annabella Ballerina Series and need to paint some more to replenish.... so head down tail up for a few days !)

talk soon !!

cheers D :)


Well what have I been up to lately ... havnt done much painting as such for the last couple of weeks .... mmmm I have been taking photos, and catching up on promotions eg... bus cards, postcards and trying to update my portfolio..... boy what a job that is....

but anyway

back to the topic.... mmm where was I oh thats right NZ ART GUILD THEME WEEKS ....
as you probably already know I am a proud member of the NZ ART GUILD !

Heres the if have some spare time .... flick through and have a sticky well worth a look !!
The NZ Art Guild every fortnight have a Theme Week, where a subject matter is announced we have 2 weeks to paint something within that subject matter and then post it on the Guild, then all the Guild Members have one day to vote for Most Creative and Peoples Choice.... the winners get published on The NZ ART GUILDS website.....

This is the second theme week I have participated in and had a ball.... I think I will keep it up and do all the theme wks and post them here for you guys to check out !! remember I have no say in what the subject is but it just opens your mind to interpreting that subject....

so here goes this weeks subject was " Blown Away "
Here is my entry for it ... funny enough the
title is "Blown Away "
size 200mm x 200mm
Acrylic Mixed Media

Cheers Donna :)

Friday, June 08, 2007

Well you guessed it !! Its Friday !!

Site of the Week !

It is free to become a member of this site... if you have a website or blog or just like surfing different sites then this site is well worth a look at .

Cheers Donna :)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Look what I took today !!!!

You guessed it I took these photos ........

I have a HUGE INTEREST IN SKYS ....and have wanted to PAINT a series of Skys for ages... so today I took myself out to the beach and the hills and took some photos..... I have heaps more of different skys .... will have to add them soon.... It is so amazing that in the space of a couple of hours how much sky can change !!
Click on Photos to enlarge them !!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Wax / New Zealand Art Exhibition !! I have entered !!

1 June, 2007 to 8 June, 2007Lindauer Cellars, Solander Street. Cost: $4

WAX / National Women's Art Exhibition. Categories: paint, mixed media, sculpture, non competitive and Maori artist award. Proceeds going to Breast Cancer Society.

Opening night preview Friday 1st June, complimentary wine and finger food 6pm-9pm with live music, tickets are limited. $25pp tickets available at Gisborne i-SITE Visitor Information Centre or phone 06 8630907 or 027 249 0833.

Exhibition open to the public Saturday 2nd June till Friday 8th June 10am -4pm.

This is one of my FAVOURITES SO FAR !!

Yay this is the first time I have entered this exhibition !! so if you are in the area go and check it out I have entered ...

"AT Dusk "
300mm x1500mm

click to enlarge

cheers Donna :)

Friday Special !!! Take a Look at This.....


Welcome to My First Friday Website/Blog Site that I would like to share with you all .....

The Green Fingered Photographer

Mark Eccleston is a Very Talented Photograher based in the UK, he has a website and also decided to start up a blog . His Blog has great information , full of humour and I really enjoy visiting his site.... why not take some time out to check out what he is up to now !!

Enjoy :)

Remember let me know if you would like to showcase your web or blog ..... next Friday !!

Contact me

Cheers Donna :)

Friday Special !!...

Since I have gone as a Full Time Artist.... I am slowly realizing that I do need some time out for myself and family and that painting 24/7 just isnt ok ..... besides not getting enough time with my family I feel that I just get burnt out !!!

SOOOOOOOOOO that got me thinking ......I thought it would be cool on a Friday to note a favourite site I have found and share it with you !!

This site could be Art Related or just a site that tickled my fancy !!

I would love to here from anyone that thinks they know of or if you have a site that you think I would enjoy and would like it shared on a friday please feel free to contact me with your dtls and the site link .... come on lets have some fun with this.....It is a good opportunity to get your site shared amoung heaps of other people !!! :)

add your details here
Cheers Donna :)

Really loving this one ... but stuck .... mmmm


Anyway this is the new painting I am doing at the Mo.... I have underpainted the background of the painting but have completed the stripe at the top ( with the sky and mountains) keep watch to see what else happens with this painting ....

cheers Donna :)

I wish I wish I had a


Mark this is for you !! two different ways this painting could be hung !! (anyway Hows that english vegie garden of yours comin along !! ) :) I must pop into your blog and catch up with you very soon :)

Finally worked out what I was doing wrong 2days later hehe....


I am such a DUNCE when it comes to computers !!!! UGGGGGHHHHH !!!!!!!
I wish the computer stuff would come easy to me ..... mmmmmmmmmmmm oh well ... will keep trying .... Ya Ya got it !!!!
:) cheers D