Sunday, April 29, 2007

Playing with Golden !

"Autumn Splender" after Glossed !

" Autumn Splender" B4 Glossed !

Click to enlarge !!

Not yet named as not sure if its finished yet !

Well I have been playing around with those "Golden" Products Lots of different textures and sheens and I'm HOOKED !!! I have never painted Abstract B4 .... always wanted to but.... never got there... but have been playing around the last few days I love the "Autumn Splender" thats finished !! A+ it looks amazing in the flesh !!

The second painting mmmmm....I think it still needs something.... the colours are amazing in the flesh they change colour and have almost a glitter to them in lights.... mmmm.... just not used to paintings so minimalistic I think ?? ooooo hope I have the spelling right on that one hehe

I only bought small amounts of Golden products from theArt Workshop last week...just in case I didnt like using them... but Guess What I have used some of them all up already ......mmmmm


Any way lucky for me Mothers Day next Sunday so hubby asked me what I would like..... I said with a Smile mmm some Arty things??? hehehe ..... No probs get what I want !! oooooooo that was the wrong thing to say to an artist hehehe .... I could go CRAZY IN THOSE ART SHOPS !! I AM JUST LIKE A BIG KID IN A CANDY STORE !!!!

Anyway will get back to you Guys tomorrow !! stay tunned to see what next ??

Cheers Donna

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Autumn Splender is coming along nicely !

Remember to click on image to enlarge it !

I'm lovin this texture !! just glazing it at the moment so when its dry I will post the final photo of it here !

Cheers Donna :)



click on image to enlarge it !

Last week I went to a workshop to do with Texture using "Golden" Products . We mainly looked at their Mediums ,Gels and Pastes..... So I came away with some new products ....
So now starts the fun!!!! ........
Keep tuned to see how this painting ends up ......
Cheers Donna :)

Friday, April 27, 2007


Click to Enlarge this Image !!

OK all finished !!! I think I am going to call this painting" AUTUMN WHISPERS".... The colours of browns and golds and the different shades of auburn browns within the hills .... and gold leaf....

What next....... lots of fun...... heheh

Cheers Donna :)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

so where to from here ... ??

Don't you just love Autumn !! the different shades of Golds, Browns, and Reds...... and Trees.... Everywhere ...... The leaves turning and changing colour !!! JUST BEAUTIFUL !!!!

click on image to enlarge !!

Remember this is just the beginnings of this painting.... ..... still plenty more to do with this artwwork.... so keep tuned come back tomorrow to see whats changed ??

cheers Donna :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Still have a little something to add ??? NOT SURE ??

Hey there !! still have to add a little something .... ??

ummmmm .... Been thinkin about this overnight and have decieded to just leave it as it is !!!
Was going to add a couple of flowers near the bottom of the tree trunk ...mmmm... but on reflection I think it may make it too at this stage I think I will leave it !

click on image to enlarge it !!

Do you like it so far ??
talk soon
Better go and collect my kids from school !!

cheers Donna :-)

getting there ....

Its starting to take shape and form now .... just started to underpaint... hopefully will look better later in the day.... so wish I could throw some gold in here and there heheh !!

oh by the way ! click on image to enlarge it !
So what do you think so far ??

Cheers Donna :)

Finally thought I would take the plunge !

White Pages Phone Book Awards !!

Thought I would have a go at this one !! BUT OH NO !! NO GOLD ALLOWED :(

Never entered into any competitions up until now .... so thought it would be fun to do one !!

I meant to enter this one last year but .... mmm just didnt have the time and what a challange I found it not being able to paint with gold !!

Your work should capture the spirit of your region today. Show us what you love right now about where you live. We’re looking for your unique take on your region.

Your work should be on paper, canvas, board or a combination of these only. Your entry can be a painting, drawing or collage. You can use photography as part of a mixed media or collage work as long as it is your original photograph. Your artwork needs to be suitable for publication on the cover of the White Pages. Entries that are laminated, have a glossy or glazed finish or contain gold or silver can’t be accepted, because we can’t reproduce them. You can use computer graphics that you have created entirely: scanned images, other than ones you produce yourself, are not permitted.

Your work should be square. Your work should be within the range of 110mm x 110mm minimum to 450mm x 450mm maximum. Artworks that are not square will be cropped.

OK ... so now you know the rules etc... lets have some fun .... I will show you what I'm upto with this one !!

Canterbury to me is a Fantastic place to live... you are only minutes about from the Forests,Mountains,Hills and the Rivers !! So for me this year it was really a No Brainer.... so now I'm up to painting ... awwww thats the hard part as I'm not allowed to use gold... boy thats gonna stretch me hehehe keep tuned in cheers D :)


As from the 30th April 2007 You can Vote for ME !!!!!!!!


HEHEHE Just submitted "CROSSING THE LINE" into Saatchi-Gallery's Show down
so if you would like to vote for this piece that would be GREAT !!!
heres the link I also have the link down the right hand side of my blog !

cheers Donna

oh will be back soon with more on paintings havent done anything on them as yet..... but will be painting today as School Holidays are now over YES !! hehe had one child off sick yesterday first day back and all :-( poor thing but hopefully when she wakes up today she will be better !!

ok talk soon cheers D :)

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Hi there :) thought I would put a wee plug in here for a Joint Exhibition I am involved with in the month of May !!!


I will be involved with a Joint Exhibition wth 6 other Awesome Talented Ladies from The NZ Art Guild.

Exhibition Artist are Paulett Shepherd, Catherine Outwin, Julia Dungan, Lisz Bodsworth, Natasha Shackleton ,Beth Ofe-Grant and of course Myself !! hehe

Where : The Art Boutique

514 Cambridge Road


When : 4th May - 1st June 2007

Exhibition Title : " REFLECTIONS "

If you live in Tauranga or are passing through there in the month of May it would be great to check this Exhibition out... as all 7 of us have our own unique and very different styles ....
I will have Various Artworks at this Exhibition prices ranging from $350.00 to $1250.00, so please if you are in the area drop by and check it out !!
Would be great to here your feedback from anyone that can manage to see the exhibition.
Cheers Donna :)

Friday, April 20, 2007

True to Form !

remember click on images to enlarge them !

Well by now most of you know me .... scattered mind... and all .... hehe always doing more than one thing at a time so at the mo.... I am in the middle of a couple of artworks .... Want to see them........
Yes you are right the top two photos are of the same piece.... you will have to stay tuned to see which way they will go....
remember none of these pieces are finished yet so will start taking pickies from here on in !! talk soon.
cheers Donna :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Inner Turmoil ??

mmmm I have a question for you ?? Should I Sacrifice what I believe for simply making a buck ?? !!

My Answer is NO! WHATS YOURS ???

People might call me Stupid but ... I paint because I have to .... it is a passion that comes from within... and I seem to have found my niche . I love painting in the colours and style that has chosen me! I paint from what seems right at the time colours... texture... I might have planned to paint a golden sky but when I lift the paint brush only blue paint will do .... lol so I go with what feels right !

You may wonder where I am going with all this.... well I went into one of my Cafe's the other day and they were talking about the art and saying maybe we could change things around for Winter and would I do some bright Coloured funky art .... I said sure I can paint anything......


I know I can paint lots of ways... but you know what....if I did that I would be simply not painting from my Heart ! and call me stupid but I just can't ...... do that .. I sat down and sketeched out some funky wee pieces .... but I was not enjoying it ....

So that got me thinking ....Why do I Paint ? What are my Goals ?

I paint because I have to , I need to it is my way of Expressing Myself.... and to do that I have to paint from Within ... My Within not what someone else has asked me to do !! (After saying that I love doing commissions ... any commissions I do I talk exstensivly with the client to see what they are wanting and as long as I can interpit that in my style and colours no probs)

I want anyone that buys my artworks to be able to enjoy them for their lifetime if they want to ... so with that in mind I use really Good Canvas's, and Top Notch Paint.... and I stand behind my work..... I price my work the same wherever you buy it .... so people don't feel ripped of buying it dearer in one place and cheaper in another.....

You only have to flick into some online Auction Sites to see that Some people simply don't mind painting everything and anything just to sell and make a quick Buck !
They don't seem to mind flicking paintings off for next to nothing .... and using different grade canvas's and paints ... their artworks longevity dosn't seem to bother them , but fortunately I am not in that bracket....

I suppose this has really got me thinking as I am in the middle of answering some questions for an interview with The Web Site "Intinsic Expressions and the questions are really indepth about me and why I paint etc... hehehe how fitting really ! anyway when that interview is done and published I'll let you know....

...... its funny really ... coz since I made the decision not to do the funky coloured art I instantly had about 6 paintings come into my mind !! Ya Ya as I have been in a bit of a draught lately... so if thats not my answer what is ???

Anyway thanks so much for being a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen to my ramblings.... I would REALLY LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK ON THIS SUBJECT !!!!

talk soon

Cheers Donna :)

Monday, April 16, 2007

"Crossing the Line"

"Crossing the Line"
1000mm x 400mm

Please click on image to enlarge

Finally finished the 1st painting in this Series.... would you believe that there is about 39m of Gold cord , crossed stitched to this painting... 16 separate pces of canvas tissued and textured and painted.... all 16 pieces have been stitched together and then the whole painting then cross stitched to the main canvas !! Phew ...... anyway thats that one done a couple more in the series to go..... the next one is gonna be fun as its got more to it than meets the eye?????
talk soon .....
cheers Donna :)

Friday, April 13, 2007


Click on images to enlarge!!

OK have been dying to show you guys my new project ..... you know the one I was talking about thats been on the backburner for some time now..... I am up to stitching it onto the remember its not yet finished until thats done but heres a sneak preview of where I'm up to with this one .....
The Photo on the left is 16 separate paintings on separate pieces of canvas, cross stitched together.
The photo on the right is the artwork sitting on a canvas that has just been prepped with heaps of Tissue Texture and still wet with medium thats why it looks like it has patches of white on it.
This painting is made up of 16 separate pieces of canvas, tissued and in some cases with 2d tissue rope, skeleton leaves and gold leaf. All the pieces are Cross Stitched together with a Golden Ribbed Cord, and then when the Boxed Canvas is ready ie painted and the artwork attached to it I will then Cross Stitch the Artwork onto the Canvas .
This has been a real mission and taken simply ages.... as each piece has been tissued, and painted , some with 2d etc... then when all the pieces were finished I have cross stitched them together . I must say at times when I was doing this I nearly threw them out !!! I really go through times when I doubt myself.... but I thought oh well I have spent hours upon hours on this so should really finish it ....
The pieces look like old leather they look amazing I just Love this piece now I dont know if I really want to part with it ???
Anyway go and have a close up look and see what you think ?? I'd love your feedback on this one? as I have a couple more in this series the next one is going to be SIMPLY AWESOME.... I might even do it on this blog as I have just cut out the pieces....mmmmmm
Talk soon cheers D :)


Ya finally finished this piece !

Just a wee reminder click on image to enlarge it !

I came across this Irish Blessing which was some of the inspiration behind this painting.
This is written on the back of this painting !!

" Irish Blessing"
"May the wings of the butterfly Kiss the Sun
and find your shoulder to light on.
To bring you Luck, Happiness and Riches
Today,Tomorrow and Beyond"

Cheers D :-)

Butterfly starting to take shape !!

Ok now thats better....

The first attempted of the butterfly was much to small !! so have upsized the butterfly... please remember that this is just early stages .... of the butterfly heaps more detail to go but thought I would post some pickies of the progression.... cheers Donna :)

Remember to click on images to enlarge

Well back to my pressie

Remember to click on image to check out the detail in this painting!!

ok heres where I'm at.... I just didnt think the butterfly was big enough so made it bigger and now I'm up to putting in all the butterflys detail....
Its a grotty day here in chch so a really good day to sit and paint so keep watch as it will be finished today..... cheers D :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

ok ok I know ....

Hey guys I know I know started off with a hiss and a roar with this one and no I havnt forgotten it but have also been in the middle of a new project that I have been working on for a long time....

The Seed Was Sewn !!

About 3 years agoe I came across a painting that had a whole lot of different mini paintings within it.... I just loved the idea of looking at a painting that said so much in one go !!

About 18 months agoe I was doodling in my sketch book .... by the way thats my Bible if I lost that I would be devestated !!! All my art thoughts ideas, plans etc... go in there .. some to stay there forever others to be set free.... at a later date!

Anyway I started to doodle.... with the idea of combining a whole lot of paintings together, started thinking about Butterflies.... etc.... I wanted the painting to be a one theme painting .... not lots of different images.... I wanted it to be similar........
I decided that what I had planned would take a long time to do , and that I would keep it on the back burner for next year !! As I was planning to have some exhibitions near the end of 2007 and that would be a cool series to do for then , and thought I would wait till I would have the time and energy to spend on it!

At the end of last year I was asked to do a Commission " Don Quoixte" and that got me thinking about my earlier idea and expanding the idea of several paintings within a painting.... if you check out the D0n Quoixte painting you will see what I mean there are a couple of things goin on at the same time !!!

I wanted this painting to represent ME .... A JOURNEY , it is full of Texture, Earthy Tones and lots and lots of Gold !
So over the last few weeks the idea that came so long agoe has managed to emerge and evolve ...... I have a couple more in this series to go and they will hopefully be ready for my Exhibition later in the year Oh unless I cant wait and have to unveil them b4 for sale !

any way when I am finished this painting I will give you a sneak peak but until then mmmmmms the word !!

Cheers Donna :)

Friday, April 06, 2007

ok 2d all done now have to wait....

ok have you worked it out yet ??
All the 2d work is done now so have to wait till its dry and then I can start to add some colour !!
Think Irish ??? Ok your right Yes it is an Irish Claddagh... .... Well known as an "Irish Wedding Ring"
Mum and Dad are Irish and very much like Monarch Butterflies .... so was sitting around the other day and thought wouldn't it be cool to intergrate a Monarch with a Claddagh ..... I just love Butterflies and painted many of them in the last 18months or so.... not so much lately .... but they are so beautiful.... and I never get sick of them....
my Irish heritage is very important to me and just love the various meanings behind the Claddagh wedding ring....
The Heart at the Centre of the design is Symbolic of Love, the Hands around it Symbolize friendship while the crown represents Everlasting Loyalty!!!
Traditionally handed down from mother to daughter the Royal Claddagh ring has also become a symbol of ties with the past and Generations gone by.
As Irish people remember the many many poeople who had to leave Ireland with nothing but their lives during the Great Famine of the 19th Century - many leaving from Cork Harbour to make the long voyage across the Atlantic to America.
The Gold Royal Claddagh ring was to become for many the only enduring link with their home country and practically their only savings and family Inheritance.
Just for interest The Claddagh ring is suggested to be worn in this way...
1) On the right hand, crown in heart out, the wearer is free as the birds in the sky. ( if you want her , go a courtin!) hehe
2) On the right hand, crown out heart in, the lass is spoken for, so lay off ! hehe
3) The best of place is on the left hand, heart in crown out, she is happily married for EVERMORE!
There is also a Spiritual Meaning ....
The crown to The Father, The Left hand to the Son, and the Right Hand to the Holy ghost. This
Explanation is directly correlated to the Shamrock, one of the earliest symbols of the Holy Trinity among the Irish!!
Ok folks thats your History Lesson for the year from me lol.....
Keep in touch to see what this painting looks like when finished....
Oh by the way its not for Mum and Dad !!! so mmmmmm I wonder who its for ???ssssshhhhhh cant say yet !!
cheers Donna :)

Remember this is still early days ....

Can you see what image is on top of the Monarch ??

...Very early days yet as it will be raised with my 2d Tissue Rope .... and will not be white .... this is just a blue print to double check it looks like what I want to b4 I start my 2ding !!

and NO your wrong .... If you think its not a masquerade mask lol..... come on have a really good look ..... I know you can get it !!

Keep tuned

Talk real soon
Cheers D :-)

Oh and by the way have a Really Awesome Break !! and Please Stay Safe on the Roads :-)

Ok I know you guys !!! hehe you think this is just a ....

Ok guys NO this is not just any old ordinary Monarch !!! you just keep an eye on this as it will change b4 your very eyes !!!!

talk soon cheers donna :)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

a little surprise on its way for a very special person.... shhhhh !!

Hi guys I am in the middle of doing a painting for a very special person but shhhhh dont say anything ... and I am goin to have to be a bit cagey here just in case they click in here to see what I'm up to.... so mmmmmmmuuuuummmmms the word ok ??

This is a wee painting only about 15mm x 150mm but omg what beautiful Texture !!! this is going to be 2 designs intergrated into one !! so I'm not saying anything else you will just have to keep tuned to see what I mean ok ??
Talk soon cheers D :)