Saturday, December 02, 2006

day 11

Hi folks thought I would show u the commission I have been finishing, I started to paint the black 2d figures but .... ummmmm I was still not happy with the back ground colour so I PROMISE PROMISE this is it !! and now I have started to paint the 2d figures AGAIN !! what do you think ? cheers D :-)

Ok this is what I am up to now

"REFLECTIONS" donated to" Jingle Bail"
to raise funds !!!

Hi guys I have been soooo busy .... can u believe it I am in the middle of 4 paintings..... I have been busy finishing the commission and am still going strong on it I am on about day 11 or 12 with it.... still painting the black figures hopefully will have that done by the end of the wkend...

I have just finished a painting yesterday and donated it to The Edge Radio Station for Jingle Bail !! Hopefully they will get it by Monday and I think they will put it on Trademe to raise funds for Jingle Bail.

The guys at the Edge Morning Madhouse JJ , Dom and Mike (djs) lock themselves up for a wk in a mall to raise over $100,000.00 to take children with Illness or who have bad luck etc... to brisbane for a week. an eg. yesterdays child = Lost his 3 sisters in a car acciedent a couple of months agoe he and his mother were also in the car and he is lucky to be alive and walking...

"Reflections "is the painting I have just sent ! I'll add a photo of it now.

Talk soon with more photos of what I am up to ! and will start to do my day by day catch up on paintings today !