Sunday, November 26, 2006

day 2

Still have my visitors .... so a bit slow on the art front this weekend ... have tried to paint but keep getting asked millions of question what am I doing ... why am I doing that.... why dont I paint a plane in it etc... LOL so I am pleased that I have tissued it and at least got the 1st colour on it. The background colour so far looks like a dark burgandy ... sort of ,but that is not final colour just the 1st coat...... The photo makes it look heaps darker than it is ??? really do need to
borrow my mums camera.
This painting is going to be another 2d one.... this time I am not going to tell you what it is... well not to start with anyway !! .... Lets just see how long it takes for you to guess what it is ? He He

I like a bit of mystery in my life... lol

For my last commission I was asked to do a copy of a Piccaso but in my style of 2d. It is the first time I have done my version of someone else's painting... ?? I loved doing it !!! but still love painting from the heart !! You just cant beat it !!

So this new painting is from my heart and soul .... With Summer nearly here ,and having a really fit husband who is into biking I have decided to take up biking as well ,and just loving it it seems that wherever I ride I seem to see this ....................... ???? So this what I have decided to paint.... yip thats all your hint is at the mo !!!

Happy guessing !! Smiles Donna :-)

I work Mondays , and tomorrow night will be at an opening at Heart of Art Xmas Exhibiton. So not sure how much painting will be done till tuesday... but keep tuned u never know.

cheers D