Saturday, November 25, 2006

day 1

Hi all thanks for being patient with me... I have my twin 9 yr old nephews staying with us from yesterday to Monday so the house has been mad....ummm mader that is than usual hehe !!
So trying to paint or even think about painting has been an effort.... everytime I do anything the questions start ahhhhhh !! but hey they are great kids !!!! just getting used to boys around and playstation playing all the TIME !!! and Balls being kicked over fences and into windows !!! lol
so Playstation is playing at the mo.... well actually its been playing since 6.30 am this morning!!!
So excuse me if my spelling is a bit off this am as I didnt get to bed till after midnight one of the boys couldn't sleep ?? Well onward and upward !!

I can't decide about this competion painting or even if its something I want to do.... I'm not to sure about nz flora and fauna ??? ummm will keep thinking about that one... I have a few ideas .... so in the meantime I am going to prep two Canvas's.... sometimes when I get like this I will have a few on the go at the same time so maybe this is goin to be one of those times.... I am going to tissue a canvas 1300mm x300mm and 750mm x 300mm and lets see what happens from there ??
Thanks for listening to my ramblings hehe !!
I will attach a couple of pickies on these canvas's the smaller one I have already tissued.
cheers D :-)

Ok here goes I am going to start with the 1300mm x300mm and it is going to be 2d so will start with a tissue background then gesso it like b4. I have attached photos of this canvas b4 I have tissued it. cheers D :-)