Tuesday, November 21, 2006

day 8 continued

Hi everyone glad you could make it back to check in on what I have been up to. I have had a great day today considering I have a horrible cold ..... Yuk don't you just hate those summer colds Arghhhh !!

I have finished the 2d work ... well most of it ... There are a few wee areas that I am not totally happy with so will go over them eg the horses leg needs a bit of work so will do that over the next day then I will go over it just to check the texture!! and I may add a little more texture to parts of it ... will have to see.

I have just taken a photo of how it looks now... just remember that as of now the 2d work is still unpainted... and a few we touchups need to be sorted then they will be painted tomorrow in black. I will post here another copy of the original picture they wanted it done like...... What Do you think ???? Will it pass ??? Hopefully!!
Sorry when I took the photo I missed a small pce of the top of the canvas oops

talk soon Cheers D :-)

day 8

Here are the photos promised to date as off lunch time today... just about finished all 2ding then up to painting Ya !!

day 8

SHHHHH LISTEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ........ WELL DO YOU HERE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LISTEN AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES YES YOU GUESSED IT SILENCE !!!!!!!

The kids are at school hubby at work and the dog outside playing and now I can loose myself in my painting , without anyone interupting me with questions... and conversations.... or even their presense just being there !..... I have dreamed of this moment for days as the kids have had public holidays,sick days ,and teacher only days for the last 2 wks !!!! Now its time for ME !! to be TOTALLY SELFISH AND PAINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The day has started a bit slow as my eldest daughter has just got braces about a month agoe and last night two of the wires came loose so Off this morning to the orthodontist.... but all fixed and now I can start back with my painting.

So now enough of all this gabble.... where am I up to is all you guys want to know isnt it ???
All the grass is done now just have to do the donkey and man and one windmill then its time to paint so will take a photo in an hour and hopefully you will notice a big difference.

So if you have time pop back around midday and there will be more updated photos to check out,cheers D :-)