Thursday, November 16, 2006

day3 ohhhhh bummmmmmma !!

I started thinking about the background colour today and how bright it is so I spoke to my clients and got them around to take a looksee ..... l I know I was told to go with what I thought but.... afterall it will be hanging in their house and I want them to be happy!! Guess what... I was right !!! a touch to bright so back to the drawing board ...... its ok now as I know the exact colour they want so hopefully I wont have that panic attack before they collect it as I always do with commissions! lol ... so think about me up tonight with the colour changes! Hey see ya tomorrow when you see what colour it finally will be.... hopefully hehe cheers still smiling Donna :-)

Day 3 started the 2d work !!

Finally started with the 2d work... I have taken a photo of the original Black and White Don Quixote painting for you to see what is going to be applied. Yip I have done the only easy part the sun ! hehe so now is where it gets tricky.... can you see the figure within the horse ??? I do but when I have asked other people only my hubby can see it ??? have fun keep tuned talk soon cheers D :-)

day 3 tweeked background colour ....

Well I have been shading background most of today.... as wasnt totally happy with last one.... not sure if you can tell on photos but heaps betta.... really happy now . Truely weird as this looks darker than before but it has heaps of orange and yellow in it now !!!! will need to borrow my Mums camera as it is more true to colour. Time to move on now to the 2d part will be starting that soon. Pop back in this afternoon and you will hopefully see some more progress. Cheers D :-)

day 3 final background colour done ....I think ??

Hey everyone welcome back !! Well true to my word spent ages last night with shades for the background colour. I think I've got it !!! hard to tell on photos but when I think of Spain, I think hot sunsets lovely days .... so with keeping in mind clients wishes of colour I have gone with my thoughts of a Spanish sunset. Top and Bottom brighter reds.... and merging to oranges/yellows towards the middle of the canvas.
I am a really fussy perfectionst .... and I always get so close to the canvas almost wear the paint... just checking to make sure everything is just so ! when this morning after touching up here and there with a bit more highlights I noticed the brush I was using "which by the way I just bought yesterday" was malting !!!! BUGGAR BRISTLES EVERYWHERE !!!!! so spent the best part of 30minutes de bristleing the canvas..... Oh well all done now Ya Ya
I will take a pickie in a min and let you see the final background colour........ I think ? hehe ...

Ya NOW MY FAVOURITE PART 2ding..... check back this morning when I try and work out how I'm gonna get the proportion right UMMMMMMMMM...... and start to get the image I have been given correct... this will be when the paddies start I think !! hehe cheers D :-)
Sorry photos taken so long I still dabbled in colour this morning . The photos dont show the subtle change from red to orange then red again ... but it is there I promise here goes....