Wednesday, November 15, 2006

day 2 started with colour

Well started to put some colour on today, blending a few colours together to get the colour I imagined.......ummmm well probably about 6 or 7 colours so far... still not right tho....hard to get the right colour with the photos ! I just cant wait till I get the background colours right as I love doing the 2d part.... Man I am a texture Junkie.... I think I will have to paint all night tonight to get the background just right..... keep watching this space I seem to be on a real roll with this... Man its 4.30 and havent even thought of what I am giving the kids and hubby for T ??? Oh if we just didnt need to eat lol by for now cheers Donna :-)

day 2 tissued and gesso primer done YA YA !!!

Well last night managed to get kids to bed and tissued the canvas, and painted over the tissue with gesso primer this morning. Now comes the hard part.... background colour.... Oh man I hate this bit....... I know my clients have an idea on the colour they want ... ummmm just hope our minds think alike....... come on donna..... think..... Spanish ???? I know they want mustards,oranges,reds...... Oh well I will start to mix some colours together and see what happens... I know I want to go from dark at top and bottom to light in the middle .... watch this space.... as soon as I have put some colour on I'll update the photos. cheers D :-) Ps so lucky to get a photo of me as I HATE PHOTOS HEHE !! sorry not the best shot lol