Wednesday, November 29, 2006

wednesday ?

Hi everyone SO SORRY have been really really busy and havnt even touched this painting yet !!! I have just resined another painting that I finished last week and am sending away to akl . I have also been finishing off the 1st commission .... Yes you guessed it have changed the background colour slightly and just need to finish off the black figures then it will be complete. So thanks for all your patience... I work Thursdays so hopefully I will have some progress on my new painting by friday !!! thanks again for checking up on me !!
Cheers D :-)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

day 2

Still have my visitors .... so a bit slow on the art front this weekend ... have tried to paint but keep getting asked millions of question what am I doing ... why am I doing that.... why dont I paint a plane in it etc... LOL so I am pleased that I have tissued it and at least got the 1st colour on it. The background colour so far looks like a dark burgandy ... sort of ,but that is not final colour just the 1st coat...... The photo makes it look heaps darker than it is ??? really do need to
borrow my mums camera.
This painting is going to be another 2d one.... this time I am not going to tell you what it is... well not to start with anyway !! .... Lets just see how long it takes for you to guess what it is ? He He

I like a bit of mystery in my life... lol

For my last commission I was asked to do a copy of a Piccaso but in my style of 2d. It is the first time I have done my version of someone else's painting... ?? I loved doing it !!! but still love painting from the heart !! You just cant beat it !!

So this new painting is from my heart and soul .... With Summer nearly here ,and having a really fit husband who is into biking I have decided to take up biking as well ,and just loving it it seems that wherever I ride I seem to see this ....................... ???? So this what I have decided to paint.... yip thats all your hint is at the mo !!!

Happy guessing !! Smiles Donna :-)

I work Mondays , and tomorrow night will be at an opening at Heart of Art Xmas Exhibiton. So not sure how much painting will be done till tuesday... but keep tuned u never know.

cheers D

Saturday, November 25, 2006

day 1

Hi all thanks for being patient with me... I have my twin 9 yr old nephews staying with us from yesterday to Monday so the house has been mad....ummm mader that is than usual hehe !!
So trying to paint or even think about painting has been an effort.... everytime I do anything the questions start ahhhhhh !! but hey they are great kids !!!! just getting used to boys around and playstation playing all the TIME !!! and Balls being kicked over fences and into windows !!! lol
so Playstation is playing at the mo.... well actually its been playing since 6.30 am this morning!!!
So excuse me if my spelling is a bit off this am as I didnt get to bed till after midnight one of the boys couldn't sleep ?? Well onward and upward !!

I can't decide about this competion painting or even if its something I want to do.... I'm not to sure about nz flora and fauna ??? ummm will keep thinking about that one... I have a few ideas .... so in the meantime I am going to prep two Canvas's.... sometimes when I get like this I will have a few on the go at the same time so maybe this is goin to be one of those times.... I am going to tissue a canvas 1300mm x300mm and 750mm x 300mm and lets see what happens from there ??
Thanks for listening to my ramblings hehe !!
I will attach a couple of pickies on these canvas's the smaller one I have already tissued.
cheers D :-)

Ok here goes I am going to start with the 1300mm x300mm and it is going to be 2d so will start with a tissue background then gesso it like b4. I have attached photos of this canvas b4 I have tissued it. cheers D :-)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

day 9 and day 10

Hi all sorry been a bit slack on updating you all.... but I am up to the painting of the 2d now and not much to show as I used black tissue for the figures. I am using black paint with a gloss medium to give the figures some life... Then I will have to touch up some of the background that I am not to happy with. I am off to work today so will do some more painting this afternoon.
I will probably start my next painting and update you with the final pickies and clients thoughts of this painting when it is all finished, as at this stage its hard to see any differences.

I will be starting a new painting in the next couple of days soooooo cant wait have some great ideas this next painting is to be submitted for a competition ... if I get it done in time that is .
The Theme for the Painting has to be NZ Flora or Forna !!!
So keep tuned for whats coming ....
Cheers D :-)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

day 8 continued

Hi everyone glad you could make it back to check in on what I have been up to. I have had a great day today considering I have a horrible cold ..... Yuk don't you just hate those summer colds Arghhhh !!

I have finished the 2d work ... well most of it ... There are a few wee areas that I am not totally happy with so will go over them eg the horses leg needs a bit of work so will do that over the next day then I will go over it just to check the texture!! and I may add a little more texture to parts of it ... will have to see.

I have just taken a photo of how it looks now... just remember that as of now the 2d work is still unpainted... and a few we touchups need to be sorted then they will be painted tomorrow in black. I will post here another copy of the original picture they wanted it done like...... What Do you think ???? Will it pass ??? Hopefully!!
Sorry when I took the photo I missed a small pce of the top of the canvas oops

talk soon Cheers D :-)

day 8

Here are the photos promised to date as off lunch time today... just about finished all 2ding then up to painting Ya !!

day 8

SHHHHH LISTEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ........ WELL DO YOU HERE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LISTEN AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES YES YOU GUESSED IT SILENCE !!!!!!!

The kids are at school hubby at work and the dog outside playing and now I can loose myself in my painting , without anyone interupting me with questions... and conversations.... or even their presense just being there !..... I have dreamed of this moment for days as the kids have had public holidays,sick days ,and teacher only days for the last 2 wks !!!! Now its time for ME !! to be TOTALLY SELFISH AND PAINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The day has started a bit slow as my eldest daughter has just got braces about a month agoe and last night two of the wires came loose so Off this morning to the orthodontist.... but all fixed and now I can start back with my painting.

So now enough of all this gabble.... where am I up to is all you guys want to know isnt it ???
All the grass is done now just have to do the donkey and man and one windmill then its time to paint so will take a photo in an hour and hopefully you will notice a big difference.

So if you have time pop back around midday and there will be more updated photos to check out,cheers D :-)

Monday, November 20, 2006

day 7

Well hi everyone I got up early today planning to continue with my painting and only did a small clump of grass ( as the kids NEEDED ME so they said hehe)so havnt even taken a photo of it as yet.... Been working today and am feeling pretty drained... I find when doing the 2d work the concentration is full on and I get exhausted....and since I have got home today my 2 darling daughters have not stopped Bugging me !!!!! ARGGGGGGH !! can't wait till tomorrow so I can chill out and loose myself in this painting.
Thanks for listening .
Cheers D :-)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

day 6 continued

Hey there thanks for checking up on where I am up to !!! Had a full on day today and done heaps.... just got some more grass to do then the donkey and man (in 2d ) then ready to paint them !!!. I work mondays so hopefully will get up early and do some tomorrow b4 work and tomorrow night. So dont forget to drop by tomorrow and check out where I am up to.
Cheers Donna :-)


Well I was hopeful to finish 2ding last night but had a break instead. Hopefully will do my best to finish it today?? Here is the latest photo ... I have taken this morning... cheers D :-)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

day 5 done more 2ding

Well going strong... had probs with the legs trying to work out whos leg is whos or is it a stirup on the horse ?? Oh well after all it is my interpretation so I'll go with what I have done... making the straight leg the riders and the wee leg the sadle come man ?? if that makes sense.... hers another pickie to keep to updated. cheers D :-) ya at least I am still smiling and no tears or paddies yet.... my eldest daughter said today hey mum this commission must be easy as you havnt cried yet heheh dont ya just love em ... lol
P.S. 2nd photo is with the flash on which is pretty much true to colour of background

day5 2ding going well !!

Well I didnt get a lot done last night so I didnt update my blog but have been slaving along this morning and am happy with things so far.... had a slight problem with the legs and hidden figure but think I have sorted it . Take a look and see what ya think ?? I am going to try and finish all the 2d work today !! fingers crossed so keep tuned in later today !! Cheers D :-)

Friday, November 17, 2006

day 4 going well with 2ding ...

Hi there well today is going well....umm except it is show day in chch and the kids have been home today .... and playing and fighting and driving me CRAZY !!!!! or is that CRAZIER !!! lol

Well background colour great , I have divided the canvas into sections so I can get the proportions right, and started the 2ding thought Id break for coffee and put these 2 pickies up to show you the start of the 2ding I will update later tonight with some more photos... so far so good... cheers Oh by the way thanks for stopping by... :-) cheers Donna

day 4 hopefully final background colour!!

Well spent heaps of time last night and this morning and finally !!!! Yes finally this time got the colour right. My camera doesnt seem to bring out the colours very well so this shot was taken outside... the canvas is a lot lighter than the photo portrays ... but I have changed the main colour from reds to oranges... and I think it looks more like a sunset and more the tones my clients were looking for..


Thursday, November 16, 2006

day3 ohhhhh bummmmmmma !!

I started thinking about the background colour today and how bright it is so I spoke to my clients and got them around to take a looksee ..... l I know I was told to go with what I thought but.... afterall it will be hanging in their house and I want them to be happy!! Guess what... I was right !!! a touch to bright so back to the drawing board ...... its ok now as I know the exact colour they want so hopefully I wont have that panic attack before they collect it as I always do with commissions! lol ... so think about me up tonight with the colour changes! Hey see ya tomorrow when you see what colour it finally will be.... hopefully hehe cheers still smiling Donna :-)

Day 3 started the 2d work !!

Finally started with the 2d work... I have taken a photo of the original Black and White Don Quixote painting for you to see what is going to be applied. Yip I have done the only easy part the sun ! hehe so now is where it gets tricky.... can you see the figure within the horse ??? I do but when I have asked other people only my hubby can see it ??? have fun keep tuned talk soon cheers D :-)

day 3 tweeked background colour ....

Well I have been shading background most of today.... as wasnt totally happy with last one.... not sure if you can tell on photos but heaps betta.... really happy now . Truely weird as this looks darker than before but it has heaps of orange and yellow in it now !!!! will need to borrow my Mums camera as it is more true to colour. Time to move on now to the 2d part will be starting that soon. Pop back in this afternoon and you will hopefully see some more progress. Cheers D :-)

day 3 final background colour done ....I think ??

Hey everyone welcome back !! Well true to my word spent ages last night with shades for the background colour. I think I've got it !!! hard to tell on photos but when I think of Spain, I think hot sunsets lovely days .... so with keeping in mind clients wishes of colour I have gone with my thoughts of a Spanish sunset. Top and Bottom brighter reds.... and merging to oranges/yellows towards the middle of the canvas.
I am a really fussy perfectionst .... and I always get so close to the canvas almost wear the paint... just checking to make sure everything is just so ! when this morning after touching up here and there with a bit more highlights I noticed the brush I was using "which by the way I just bought yesterday" was malting !!!! BUGGAR BRISTLES EVERYWHERE !!!!! so spent the best part of 30minutes de bristleing the canvas..... Oh well all done now Ya Ya
I will take a pickie in a min and let you see the final background colour........ I think ? hehe ...

Ya NOW MY FAVOURITE PART 2ding..... check back this morning when I try and work out how I'm gonna get the proportion right UMMMMMMMMM...... and start to get the image I have been given correct... this will be when the paddies start I think !! hehe cheers D :-)
Sorry photos taken so long I still dabbled in colour this morning . The photos dont show the subtle change from red to orange then red again ... but it is there I promise here goes....

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

day 2 started with colour

Well started to put some colour on today, blending a few colours together to get the colour I imagined.......ummmm well probably about 6 or 7 colours so far... still not right tho....hard to get the right colour with the photos ! I just cant wait till I get the background colours right as I love doing the 2d part.... Man I am a texture Junkie.... I think I will have to paint all night tonight to get the background just right..... keep watching this space I seem to be on a real roll with this... Man its 4.30 and havent even thought of what I am giving the kids and hubby for T ??? Oh if we just didnt need to eat lol by for now cheers Donna :-)

day 2 tissued and gesso primer done YA YA !!!

Well last night managed to get kids to bed and tissued the canvas, and painted over the tissue with gesso primer this morning. Now comes the hard part.... background colour.... Oh man I hate this bit....... I know my clients have an idea on the colour they want ... ummmm just hope our minds think alike....... come on donna..... think..... Spanish ???? I know they want mustards,oranges,reds...... Oh well I will start to mix some colours together and see what happens... I know I want to go from dark at top and bottom to light in the middle .... watch this space.... as soon as I have put some colour on I'll update the photos. cheers D :-) Ps so lucky to get a photo of me as I HATE PHOTOS HEHE !! sorry not the best shot lol

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

1st day of commission .......

Well here goes I have been given an image of a Pablo Picasso "Don Quiote" Painting originally painted in black and white I think ?? I have been asked to do my interpretation of this classic painting ... with my 2d style . This is a commission for a New Spanish Style house so the background will be in warm spanish colours golds,oranges,reds.... and the main figures in black 2d!!! and depending on how I feel maybe some gold leaf thrown in . I always stress when I first start a commission..... as I know the clients have what they want in their minds so far so good .... I have an idea how its gonna look.... so here goes this is the 1st photo of the blank 1200mm x 850mm Canvas Well what do ya think ?? pretty impressive A ?oops my baby Gypsey got in that shot never mind !! lol

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This painting has a textured tissue background with 3 large monarch butterflys, each butterfly is in a square of white with gold thread highly glossed and is surrounded by 2 rows of 2d tissue rope .
To check out more of my art you can surf my website at

SIZE 910MM X 610 MM

If you would like to buy this painting or would like anymore information please click my email address

cheers Donna :-)